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Florida Trip Rundown August 1, 2014

It’s been days (over a week) since I said that I would “soon” write about our Florida trip.  Hey, in my defence, “soon” is relative. 

The last couple of weeks have been super busy.  There have been days spent with Nanas (lots of pool time) and Jay has been using lots of new words and phrases which is awesome and sometimes hilarious.  There have been sleep overs with my sister and reconnections with long-lost cousins.  There was even a long-weekend camping trip.  All of that has left the boys quite over stimulated.  Thankfully there are no plans for this coming weekend so we can all decompress a bit. 

I would love to say that as far as the boys are concerned, this summer has been all fun fun fun!  It has been fun.  But it has not been incident free.  Jay has definitely had his moments of melting down and getting angry and defiant.  Ace has had his moments of being tired and being tired of dealing with Jay and being tired of life not being fair.  I’ve been trying really hard not to mess this whole parenting gig up.  Sometimes I think I’m doing a damn decent job and sometimes I lock myself in my bathroom and just stare at the floor rug or cry in my car. 


But this is supposed to be about Florida so here we go …


The airplane ride to Florida was great.  The one part of travelling that had always been a sore spot for Jay was going through security.  He particularly hated putting whatever toy he was holding (and he’s always holding something) onto the x-ray conveyor belt.  As we were moving up in the line, I casually reminded him that he’d need to put his stuff on the belt but that he’d get it back on the other side.  He said ok and sure enough we made it through pretty calmly.  I think we are over than hump now.  Yay!  Once on the plane, Ace positioned himself at the window seat to which Jay took objection.  I told him that they could both still see out of the window even though Jay was in the middle and then I had Ace promise Jay that he could get the window seat on the ride back.  That freakin worked!!!  I never would’ve believed it. 


The 1st 4 days in Florida were a dream.  The boys swam and they got along with each other and we went to Sea World where they ooh’d and aah’d and waited for delayed shows due to inclement weather and they rode rides.   My boys both love (age-appropriate) roller coasters and they got to go on tons of them.  Ace declared that the “Shamu” shows were the best shows he’d ever seen.  There weren’t a lot of people there so the adults got to sit a little further up, while keeping an eye on the kids who made their way to the front of the stadium to get an up close view of everything – and of course to get splashed!   We also went to Aquatica (a water park) and even though the weather was not cooperative we managed to have a fairly decent day there also.  The boys really did a great job of tolerating everything that was thrown at them.  A crowded villa, some very late nights and Florida heat included.   Jay touched snails and marvelled at lizards and was amazed by a little alligator that was hanging out right outside our bedroom window.  The one creature that my little animal lover wasn’t keen on were the mosquitos.  Can’t blame him for that.


By day 5 the wheels started to get wobbly.  Jay was quick to anger and Ace was exhausted and whiney.  I was super exhausted myself and had little patience for anything.  We were not a pretty sight.  But we pushed through.  Each of us trying our best to stay above the line. 


In between the short fuses, we all LOVED the 2 days we spent at the beach and the boys and I all climbed a rock wall for the 1st time which was lots of fun and mine was way harder than I had expected it to be.  They had a great time at Universal Studios which we had left for the last day.  My Mom came with us and – thanks to more bad weather – we didn’t have to wait in any lines.  We practically had the park to ourselves which was AWESOME!!!  We were able to go on all the rides we wanted to and even went on some of them twice.  Ace loved the Spider Man 4D ride the best but Jay found it to be a  little too scary.  For you Harry Potter fans – Butterbeer is quite tasty 🙂  The one thing we didn’t get to do that the kids really wanted to do was go on the Hogwarts Express.  It would’ve cost us an extra $120 and remember I said I had left Universal for the last day so yeah – funds were low by then. 



The flight and drive home were uneventful.  Hello!!! 


That I would even attempt and that we were able to get through that kind of vacation the way we did is a testament to how much we have all grown.  But don’t get me wrong – We won’t be going again any time soon.  Mama (and her pocket) need time to recuperate.  A LOT of time 🙂


And now …… Time for the barrage of pictures that you had to know was coming 🙂


20140712_053503 20140713_111110 20140715_155000 20140718_19244020140717_100733 20140718_19070420140714_202811

PhotoGrid_1406917000510 PhotoGrid_1406917260147

(I ate gator jerky – which was pretty good, I rode a fake whale and I got bubbles in my hair 🙂 )



(Mangos picked fresh from the tree)



 (My attempt at getting a nice group picture :-/ )


PhotoGrid_1406837432419 PhotoGrid_1406837581904


4 Responses to “Florida Trip Rundown”

  1. Erin Says:

    Looks like you had a fabulous time!! 🙂 I’m glad it went so well.

  2. Answered my own question. We loved Hogsmead! Looks like a nice time!

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