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Saved By Mentos Gum August 20, 2014

My drivers license expires at the end of this month.  

I knew it would be a tough sell with the kids but I hoped for the best and decided to go to the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) after work/picking them up.   


Ace was easy-going.  He had a lot of questions about what else happened there besides giving people licenses and he wanted to know what would happen if I didn’t get my new license and he wondered if there was anything there for kids.  Oh and he happened to be wearing a Wolverine costume.  He loves going out to public places in costume. 

Right from the start, Jay DID NOT want to go.  He didn’t know what the MVC was, nor was he interested in finding out.  He asked to go to the pet store instead.  He asked to go home.  He asked to go to the park.  Anywhere but the MVC. 


When we got there the line was a bit longer than I was hoping it would be.  I panicked a little and probably should have  pulled the rip cord right then and there but like a true optimist I trudged on. 

Ace, in all his Wolverinian glory took a seat and made quick friends with another boy there and they sparked up a lively conversation about Iron Man toys and the like. 

Jay yelled (like, at the top of his lungs!) “MOM! LET’S GO.  I WANT GO NOW!!! COME ON. I LEAVING. THAT’S IT. SEE YOU LATER.”

When he saw that I was filling out a form he yanked on my arm and started yelling at me to give him the pen.  It wasn’t pretty. 



We were quite the spectacle and there is no way that there was anyone in that building who didn’t hear the commotion. 

Most people didn’t even look in our direction but there was someone in front of me in the line said “Wow” and I shot them a look.  I hope my look said “I heard you. That’s not helpful. Jerk!” 


As I inched up in the line, Ace and his new friend kept talking and Jay kept yelling that he did not want to be there and he was ready to go. 


Then, I remembered I had a pack of gum in my bag.  Jay loves gum.  I asked him if he’d like a piece and just like that he quieted.  I handed him a piece which he happily chewed on for a while.  He told me that it was good and he liked it.  He went and sat with Ace who also came over for a piece of gum.  Jay chewed that 1st piece for about 2 minutes then he put it in the garbage and came looking for a new one.  I gladly gave it to him.  This went on for about 1/2 an hour.  He quietly chewed his gum for a little while then spit it out and then came for a new piece. 


At one point I noticed that there were only 2 pieces left.  I showed them to him and let him know that there would be no more after that so he should save them.  He said ok and asked to keep the container in his pocket.  I let him. 


45 minutes after getting to the MVC the 3 of us left hand-in-hand-in-hand without making any more of a scene.  Except whatever scene is caused by seeing a pint-sized Wolverine leaving a goverment building in August. 


Oh and we will have to go back again soon because I never did get my license.  They closed for the day before I made it to the front of the line.   



6 Responses to “Saved By Mentos Gum”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Oh my goodness, no way!!! You went through all of that and then they closed?! Argh!!!
    However, awesome job to you and Jay with the gum. Quick thinking on your part…and fantastic ability to find his calm on his. 🙂

  2. I’m liking the post for the miracle of gum, not for the office closing before you got your license.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Like seriously!!!!!! That dude is lucky u were one of the well brought up jamaicans, or else he wud have felt the wrath of ur tongue. Thank God for gums. U are truly a great “pint sized” mom 🙂

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