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The Friend Jackpot August 25, 2014

In my life, there have been oh so many times when I wished to be in a different situation and there have been oh so many circumstances that I would have changed if I had my way. But the truth is, one small change can change the entire projection of our lives. In the end, we just have to take what we have and do the best we can. We have to be as good as we can to the people who are good to us and we have to try to forgive those who have hurt us. (Forgiving does not mean continuing to tolerate).  It’s because of some life-pain that I have received some of my best blessings. It’s because of some less than ideal situations that I was able to meet and become friends with some of the most incredible people in the world. I wouldn’t change a thing if it meant losing any one of my friends. 


NO MATTER WHAT life throws at me (or what I get myself into), I can WITHOUT A DOUBT say that I hit the Super, Mega, Giant, Best Of All Time Jackpot where friends are concerned.

All through mine and their own, family drama, financial issues, heartbreak, questionable fashion choices, medical diagnoses/procedures, bad decisions, relocations, close calls, fears for/death of loved ones, fad diets, disappointments and all things wonderful and joyous … My friends have been the most consistent, kind, funny, fun, supportive, responsible, dependable, strong, goofy, sensitive, compassionate, genuine people in my life.


My circle is not that big (although it’s grown to include some of their spouses). The friends I have now are the same friends that I have had for YEARS. I get lonely sometimes since we are all now scattered across the globe but our bond is unbreakable and we make time and effort to see each other when we can. Jobs and other things get in the way so there is usually at least 1 or 2 people missing when there’s a gathering but none the less, what we have is special. We all know it and we all really cherish it.


This past weekend some of us got to spend 2 days together and it was just amazing. It’s nice seeing our children together but our children won’t understand what WE have. It’s wonderful – our reminiscing and teasing and dancing and eating and cooking and commiserating and laughing and sharing together – again – still – after all these years. We all want the best for each other and we bring out the best in each other. I may not be where I want to be in many ways in my life but without these people who I call friends, there is no doubt in my mind that I would be a heck of a lot worse off. 


I know that having them in my life saved me.

In every way. 


I hope that my boys find friends who will look out for them and who will be a good influence on them and who will not worry about following the crowd. I hope my boys find friends who will want good for them and who will accept them and encourage them and help bring them back into the fold when they stray. I hope their circle of friends will make them want to be their best selves just by setting a good example and loving them through thick and thin. I hope that they can be all that for someone who needs it – like I did.  Like I still do. 






*There are a couple of people who are not necessarily a part of this particular group that got together over the weekend.  My feelings above are as much about them as about the ones I just saw.  Just know that if you are my bonafide friend (and you know who you are), THIS is how I feel about you and I love you.*


2 Responses to “The Friend Jackpot”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Friends are indeed valuable. I am not bonafide friends with Deenie or any of her friends but, we went to high school together and have become “friends” through facebook and i am grateful for that. I love ur family as if i am a part of them and i do cry and laugh at ur blogs and ur pics. Thanks for accepting my friend request. Love u.

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