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Ace’s Start September 19, 2014

Third grade is off to an up and down start for Ace.  In one week the teacher sent 4 notes home.  She’s not required to send notes home.  She does it when there is something particularly good or bad to report.  2 of them were good (yay!) and 2 of them not so much (boo!).  One day he’s doing well with his school work and participating in class and giving “knock her socks off” explanations to math problems.  But … the next day he’s playing with toys when he should be listening and he’s running in the hallways when he knows that’s not allowed.


This is pretty much the same type of situation we’ve had since kindergarten.  He manages to get decent grades but he doesn’t listen.  He needs constant reminders to pay attention and to put things down and to stop the talking but he’s sweet and kind and funny and caring which makes him a joy to have in class.


At home, getting through home work and reading and studying is a TASK.  I’ve had to get a lot more strict about it and there has been a fair amount of yelling which I wish wasn’t the case.  He hates it.  I hate having to lay down the law like that on him but it’s for his own good.  I’ve tried to get a little more creative in order to help him but it still kinda sucks the life out of us every evening.  When he gets the good grades we all feel good though.  That’s the pay off.  It is what it is.

*It’s taken me a few days to write this post.  So now I need to edit it to add that there have been random evenings where everything goes perfectly smoothly.  The boys come home, take showers, eat dinner, do homework without any fussing and they’re relaxing/playing by 7:30.  That’s my dream for every day.  Why that doesn’t happen every day I don’t know.*

Ace goes to an after school program and even though he doesn’t get it all done he does start working on his homework there.  I was proud of him when I heard that he asks to go to a quiet room in order to do his home work.  It’s hard for him not to get distracted when he’s in a room full of other kids.  I’m really proud of him for taking that initiative himself.


In non-school-work news … He signed up for his school chorus.  I love my boy and to me he’s the most handsome, smartest, kindest, sweetest, wonderous thing ever … BUT … the boy CANNOT carry a tune.  (I’m assuming they don’t care about that at this age.)  Not only can he NOT carry a tune.  He does NOT carry a tune LOUDLY.   It will be interesting to see how this chorus thing goes.  He’s excited about it and I’m encouraging him all the way.


In true Ace fashion, he’s ALREADY lost a jacket.  He got ONE wear of it.  Last year he lost 4 sweaters, 2 jackets, his lunch box (at least 3 times) and several hats/scarves and gloves.  That’s ma kid and did I say I love him?  Although I won’t tell him this, he definitely gets that “losing things” trait from his mom.  It wasn’t until I started having to pay for my own stuff that I became way more careful.


So there you have it.  We’re managing.  Sorta.   I suspect that the rest of the school year will go this same way.  Bumpy but not unbearable.  Infuriating but exhilarating.  Busy but fun.  Tiring but OH SO WORTH IT!!!


2 Responses to “Ace’s Start”

  1. Neil Says:

    OMG, the lost jackets. So, so many lost jackets. The funny thing is sometimes they all show up again at the end of the year. Like he’ll come home with an armful of them. Good luck!

  2. therocchronicles Says:

    Yes, so worth it! (I am usually making a few trips up to the school for sweatshirts, gloves, and jackets during the year! drives me crazy!)

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