Life On The B Side

Taking all that life throws at us one moment at a time

I Need To Grow Up October 3, 2014

The other day Ace wasn’t feeling well and I had to leave work to go pick him up from school.  Before we made it home he asked if I would get him some candy.  He was sick – Of course I said yes.

I allowed him to choose his own candy and not surprisingly he chose something gummy and sour.

It was Sour Gummy Octopuses.


I told him that he couldn’t eat the entire bag in one sitting so he took out a few and put the rest up for later times.

According to Merriam Dictionary, both Octopuses and Octopi are acceptable.  However, I really wish if Ace would use Octopi because every time he asks me if he can eat more Octopuses, it makes me laugh.  Then he asks me why I’m laughing and I have no good explanation for him.

Happy Friday All !!!


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