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Dream Builders November 3, 2014

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I read the below and immediately warm, salty ,liquid fell from my eyes. 

Yeah, I’m a sensitive one.  I’ve heard it so many times throughout my life.  Rarely (if ever) was it meant as a compliment.  Rarely (if ever) was it seen as anything other than weakness. 

And oh my – I have an energetic one.  He hears it all the time.  Rarely (if ever) is it said to build him up.  Most often (if not always) people try to tone him down.  That must be so hard on him. 


I’ve shared my dreams and had them be crushed.  I was told “That’s not realistic.  You’re not smart enough.  Think about doing something else.”  And I let it get inside my head.  I gave away my power.

We all have a choice.  We can build each other up or we can crush each others dreams.  Let’s be dream builders.




Don’t Change, Extraordinary One


They say he’s too quiet.
They say she’s too inquisitive.
They say he’s too energetic.
They say she’s too sensitive.
They say he’s too absent-minded.


They say these things thinking it will help,
But it doesn’t really.
It only causes worry and the pressure to conform.
The truth is, changing would be a tragedy.


Because when they say “too quiet,”
I see introspection.
Don’t change, thoughtful one.
You’re gonna bring quiet wisdom to the chaos.


Because when they say ”too inquisitive,”
I see problem solving.
Don’t change, little thinker.
You’re gonna bring answers to the toughest questions.


Because when they say “too energetic,”
I see vitality.
Don’t change, lively one.
You’re gonna bring love and laughter to desperate times.


Because when they say “too sensitive,”
I see heart.
Don’t change, deep feeler.
You’re gonna bring compassion to hurting souls.


Because when they say “too absent-minded,”
I see creativity.
Don’t change, artistic dreamer.
You’re gonna bring color to lifeless spaces.


They might say change is needed.
But I ask that they look a little deeper and observe a little longer.
From where I stand, these individuals are just as they should be …
On their path to bring the world exactly what it needs to thrive.


Don’t change, extraordinary one.
You’re gonna light this place up.


© Rachel Macy Stafford 2014


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