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Weekend Rewind (Part 1) November 4, 2014

Our Sunday was relaxing and productive.  We went out to breakfast and then went to the supermarket.  We returned home to find that it was still only 10:30 due to that extra hour of daylight saving time we had.   After putting away the groceries, I cleaned out the fridge.  A real, proper cleaning out.  Jay had settled down with the iPad and once I was done in the kitchen, Ace and I cuddled on the couch to watch a movie.    I lasted about 20 minutes before dozing off.   When I woke up I continued with more cleaning and Ace did his required school reading and Jay played with his toys.  I started watching a new mini-series; Reign which I’m really enjoying.  I do tend to love historical dramas.  This one is about Mary Queen of Scotts.  I’ve previously enjoyed The Borgia’s and Henry VIII.  Thanks Netflix.


But before that …


Our Saturday was on the rocky side.  To start things off, we woke up to cold and wind and rain.  Even though it was cold and windy and rainy we had errands to run.  I dragged my feet about leaving the apartment.  All the while Jay was being very disagreeable.  Everything was making him mad.  We had run out of milk and Ace was singing and the cat was running and he was tired and he wanted a toy husky and the cereal had spilled.  To add to the fun, Ace was seeking extra attention.   With every breath I took he was calling for me.  “Mom  Mom  Mom”.  All I wanted to do was to get back under the covers.  Eventually we got dressed and headed out.  Jay screamed about getting wet but refused to get under the umbrella or put his hoodie up.  He was mad about dropping his toy cat but wouldn’t let me put it in my bag until we reached the car.  He said “no store” but kept insisting that we needed to get milk.


Our first stop was the uniform store.  Ace needed sweaters since he lost all his ones from last school year.  This was where I noticed the first thawing of Jays mood.  The lady behind the counter asked him how his Halloween had been and he said “Not good.” I explained that it had started well but then I think he started to get cold, tired and hungry.  He interjected with, “I was hungry.”  That’s more than I was able to get out of him the night before.  There was also an older gentleman behind the counter who noticed that Jay was holding onto a toy cat and he began making cat noises.  This CRACKED JAY UP!!!  It was nice to see him laughing after what had been a rough morning.

Our next stop was to our favourite place – Yup, Target!  There’s a Pizza Hut inside the Target so we had a lunch date there.  Both kids ordered their own food and waited patiently for me to pay then we sat down and ate and talked.  It was a Pizza Hut inside a Target but it was awesome!  We shopped for milk and bread and I got myself a salted caramel mocha frappuccino and we headed home.  From then on the rest of the afternoon was smooth sailing.  Thanks be to Cat Guy at the store and to Pizza Hut/Target.


But before that …


Friday was Halloween.


To be continued …


2 Responses to “Weekend Rewind (Part 1)”

  1. Our Saturday was cold and rainy too. I was thankful (and so was DC) that I did not have to run any errands! Perfect day to do nothing! “Rein” is one that is on my list. If you have Netflix, check out “Pillars of the Earth” and it’s sequel “World without End” – if you like the Borgia’s and The Henry VIII, you will love them. Glad your pizza date went well!

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