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Oh, nothing November 20, 2014

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Jay has discovered one particular curse word.  It starts with an F.  Nanas, CC and I have all told him that it’s not nice and he shouldn’t use it but he gets mad at us and actually said “but Mom, I likes it.”

Thanks a lot YouTube.  You f*cking suck.

But Instagram and Facebook … they do not f*cking suck.  There are so many funny things there and I love getting to laugh.

I’m going away for a few days soon.  It’s not a vacation.  It’s to spend time with my Aunt who has been trying for a long time to recuperate from an illness and she’s having a hard time kicking it.  I’m worried about her.

Work is busy but that’s not new.  It actually could be – and has been – worse.

I had to write a letter to one of my neighbours who – on more than one occasion – has given my kids dirty looks or made bad comments to/about them.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  Since I wrote her that letter, in which I politely invited her to come and talk with me about any issues or concerns that she has, I have neither seen nor heard from her.

I’m all out of vacation time and things keep coming up that I need to take time off for.  School being closed for teacher conferences and election day, kids getting sick etc.  It’s been a struggle to figure out child care this month but it’s all worked out in the end.  Lets hope December is easier.

Jay is reading on grade level and enjoying it.  It’s so exciting.  I love to sit and have him read to me.  Not only is he reading, he’s understanding what he’s reading because he laughs at all the appropriate times.  Funny books are his favourite.  More specifically, books about animals getting into funny mischief are his favourite.

Ace is still having a hard time settling down during instruction time at school.  He says he gets bored and when he gets bored he does silly things.  Doing silly things gets him in trouble and then he feels badly.  But he says he can’t NOT do silly things because he gets bored.  Then he gets in trouble and promises to do better because he doesn’t like getting in trouble but he can’t not do silly things because he gets bored … Round and round we go.

Ace’s teacher complained that she can only hold his attention for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.  Inside I was thinking … “FIFTEEN to TWENTY minutes???  That’s awesome.”  But I kept my face stoic and I assured her that I understood the importance of him behaving during class and let her know that we’d keep working on it.

Jay took school pictures last week.  I’m dying to see how they come out.  He has a 50/50 record where taking school pictures are concerned.  Ace always rocks it.

I’m mad at my home internet carrier.  The service is spotty and it annoys me when I’m trying to watch Netflix and it chips out.  Everyday I say I’m gonna call them but I haven’t yet.  Just can’t seem to find the time.

I missed report card pick up at Jays school.  Thankfully his teacher is AWESOME and didn’t at all make me feel guilty about it.

I’m concerned about one of my best friends sons.  He’s only 6 and has been suffering through debilitating headaches lately.  They’re so bad they cause him to throw up.  Yeah, I’m really concerned.  I love that kid.

It’s been freaking COLD this week.

But at least I’m not in Buffalo where they are buried under like 25 feet of snow already.

My Christmas shopping is almost done.

Ace is growing at lightning speed.  Every other day he needs new pants and shoes because the previous ones are short or tight.  It’s a little ridiculous if you ask me.

I think our cat hates Ace.  It’s so odd but all of a sudden every time Ace walks by him he attacks him.  Ace is now a little nervous about walking around his own home.  That’s not good.

I have a neighbour who has been going through a lot.  I’ve been able to be there for her.  I don’t do much.  I mostly just sit and listen but I think that helps her and that makes me feel good.


But ya know … there’s not much going on.



3 Responses to “Oh, nothing”

  1. Love your sense of humor! Life can get so crazy, can’t it? 🙂

  2. I hear you with the child care issues! I am so glad he’s out of school and doesn’t have all those school vacations. I am fortunate that I have always seemed to have a job where I can take him in with me.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Has your friends child been checked for Diabetes? Please mention it to her in case it’s been missed, as you never know. Please also keep me updated about Aunty J. Give her my love on your visit. Mxxx p.s. yay for J’s reading skills and Ace’s concentration is growing and will continue to grow!

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