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His Words Tho January 6, 2015

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Hours and even days after he says them I play them back in my mind.  I sit and smile in wonder at my son and the way he puts words together.  Words that did not come easy.  Words that are still tricky business.  Words that are the first thing to go when he is tired or hungry or frustrated.  I am in awe of the way he takes bits and pieces of what he does know and what he’s heard and makes it work.  The way he is unconventional but oh so clever.  The way he twists and turns words and reaches into his ever expanding vault and picks the ones that will get his point across.


Mom, Should I hands is gone?

Jay said this to me when I picked him up from school and told him that it was cold outside.  I stoop in front of him to help him zip up his coat.  That’s when he pulls the sleeves down over his hands so that his hands are now fully inside his sleeve.  Voila! … Hands is gone.


I know his speech patterns will change – My God they’ve changed SO much over the last couple of years.  I will miss things like this when they are gone but for sure new and just as impressive ones will appear.  The way he speaks is so much a part of who Jay is.  It’s a huge part of his very colourful tapestry.  More so than I think for me or his brother.  We talk like the masses.  Jay weaves his own path.  It’s as much a part of his personality to me as his lack of patience and his love of animals and the pleasure he gets out of harassing his brother and writing the alphabet.


I could write down more examples like when he asks if he can “up the bed” or when he talks about himself in the third person or the way he’s recently taken to calling me his “buddy” or how he’s learned to say “but I LOVE you” just to get his own way or even the way he says everything “was just an *excellent” (*accident) if he’s done something he wasn’t supposed to do.


Sometimes I wish that every teacher, therapist, doctor or administrator who ever knew him could see him now.  He’s a marvel.  I want the whole world to know it; The people who saw his potential, the ones who  always believed in him and who KNEW that he’d learn and thrive even when he was doing nothing but screaming and I was feeling discouraged … AND the ones who doubted him or quit on him or kicked him out of their programs because they thought he was not reachable or teachable.  I want them to see what can happen when you have faith in our children.  And when you help them to have faith in themselves.


It is indeed going to be a cold week for us here and I’m sure that I will see a lot of people with their hands is gone. 🙂


p.s.  We had a happy and safe New Year and I certainly wish for everyone a wonderful 2015.  Thank you all so much for sharing in my little life journey.  It means more than you can ever imagine.


2 Responses to “His Words Tho”

  1. Neil Says:

    So much to love about this post. Happy new year!

  2. therocchronicles Says:

    I have such similar feelings about the progression of language with my Roc! Thank you for writing. I love reading about your boys. Happy New Year!

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