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On Being Nice January 13, 2015

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I’m working on another post but it’s taking longer than I expected.  In the mean time, I want to record something that took place.


There’s a neighbour that I’ve had a bit of a difficult relationship with.  She’s older than I am and doesn’t have any children.  She gets all huffy and puffy whenever we run into her.  She’s complained (to everyone but me) about the noise that the children make* and she’s yelled at them and given them mean looks.  A couple of months ago, I invited her to come and talk with me openly about her issues/concerns.  I told her that while I may understand her feelings about wanting peace and quiet, I would absolutely not tolerate her yelling at my children or giving them mean looks or making snide comments within their ear shot.  She has avoided me since.


Last night the kids and I ran into her as she was waiting at a stop light to cross the street.  When we walked up behind her she turned around to see who it was.  I met her eye contact with a cold glare; daring her to say something and she spun around without saying a word.


As we crossed the street and walked up to our apartment building, Ace darted in front of her and opened the front door.  He held it open until we all walked through.  She walked through and barely whispered him a thank you.   My sweetheart child responded with “You’re welcome.  I don’t know you but I can still be nice to you. You can be nice to anyone.”


That stopped her in her tracks.  She turned around and genuinely smiled at him.

Then she looked up at me and I wished her a good evening and she returned the wish to me.


Maybe, just maybe, we will begin to melt the ice.

Hers and mine.



What’s that saying about a child leading them?




*My boys go to bed early (8pm) and are in school all day until 6pm so they’re not home and available to disturb her often or at obscene hours.

*She knows that Jay has autism and Ace has ADHD.

*Mine aren’t the only children that she complains about.


5 Responses to “On Being Nice”

  1. Uncle Says:

    You should be so proud of your boys!

  2. That is great! What a good boy! I was nervous that you were going to say she ignored him, phew!

  3. That’s a great little story. This reminds me of neighbors we used to have who hated us for no reason (and this was pre-kids!). Maybe having Ace around would have helped melt the ice! 🙂

  4. Autism Mom Says:

    Agreed, this is a great story! What a wonderful boy! So sweet and genuine. 🙂

  5. Wow, that story brought tears to my eyes. I hope this woman thaws a bit.

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