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Dentist Appointment Hall of Fame January 19, 2015


If there is such a thing as a dental patient hall of fame, I think my boys both deserve to be in it following this mornings trip.  It’s no small feat to get them through a dental check up, including x-rays, cleaning, and God forbid, the fixing of a cavity.


Past trips to the dentist have not been terribly successful.  But I had a good feeling about this one.  Ace just needed to hear that he wouldn’t be getting any injections and I’d do all I could to prepare Jay and keep him calm and agreeable.  The key would be him knowing what to expect and things going according to that plan.  A couple of days before the trip I told him that on Monday, he’d be going to the dentist and then to Nanas.  I let that sink in and waited for the questions.


The dentist?

Yes baby.

No Mom. No dentist.

They’re just going to count your teeth baby and then brush them.  That’s it.  It won’t hurt.

No hurt?

Nope.  No hurt.

Just brushing?

Yup.  And maybe we can try to take pictures.  Will you let them take pictures of your teeth?

OK.  Then we go to Nanas?


Can I have a panda?



We arrived at the dentist and he repeated the same questions and got all the same answers.  He was ready.


Ace got his x-rays taken first and then Jay jumped up into the chair and let them put the vest on and let them put the film in his mouth and he stayed still until they pressed the button.  They took 4 different pictures.  Left.  Right.  Bottom.  Top.  Even though I had been hopeful, I still could hardly believe it.

When that part was over Jay was ready for the brushing.  That was the plan.  Pictures, brushing, and no pain.  As a general rule, knowing what to expect is so important in ensuring that Jay has a successful time with something.  He’s not great about having things be sprung on him.


After the brushing, Jay hopped off the chair and was ready to go.  The dentist wanted to put some vitamin coating on his teeth (which they called paint) and he protested.  I hadn’t told him about any teeth painting.  With a little help and coaxing he got through it.

Ace had 1 topical cavity that needed patching so they gassed him up and fixed it right then and there.  He was so good with the nose covering thing and the drill and the mouth shield and the water and suction.  He just sat there and they were done in like 5 minutes.


It really is astounding how far these 2 little ones have come.

I can’t stop thinking about it.  I’m so proud of them.


Of course when it was all done and I was going on and on about how proud of them I was Ace asked if he could get a treat and Jay wanted to know where the heck his panda was.  I told Ace “we’ll see” (which he hates because he says that’s what I tell Jay when I really want to say no but don’t want him to get upset) and I promised Jay we’d keep our eyes open for one.


One Response to “Dentist Appointment Hall of Fame”

  1. Autism Mom Says:

    Congratulations on the success! One thing we did that helped with dentist appointments was keep the lead vest on throughout the exam, like a weighted blanket. It was very soothing for my son.

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