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10 inches not 10 feet January 30, 2015

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The weather people, who we all know always *cough* get their predictions correct, had said we’d be buried under like 10 feet of snow or something of the sort.  What we actually got was about 10 inches; which is not 10 feet but still plenty enough to close schools and my job and to play in.


And play we did.


The snow began in the afternoon and was supposed to get heavy overnight.  Not wanting to miss 1 moment of it, we actually started playing in the falling snow when there was just a coating on the ground.  But I knew we’d be in for way more fun the following day.

We were up and in our snow clothes and outside throwing snow balls before anyone had had breakfast – and truth be told – even before we had brushed our teeth.  Don’t judge.  I keeps it 100 around here 🙂


We came back in a while later to warm up and have breakfast and yes to brush teeth and wash faces.  Only to turn around and go back out a couple of hours later for more snow ball fights and a VERY lame attempt at a snow man and snow angels and playing with other peoples dogs and acrobatics and icicle picking/eating and all round silly antics.


After coming in to warm up and to eat lots of food (playing in snow makes one very hungry) and to watch some TV and do homework we were back in it for a 4th time.


Ace saw on the news yesterday morning that more snow was coming so he was all excited and ready to stay home today and play some more but alas we got less than an inch so the kids went to school and I came to work and the snow we had a couple of days ago is now icy and brown and we will have to hang up all our snow gear until mother nature decides we deserve another day off to just enjoy each others company in the freezing cold.  She better hurry ’cause we have brand new sleds that we haven’t used yet and we are ready!


One Response to “10 inches not 10 feet”

  1. Autism Mom Says:

    Sounds like great fun!

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