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Participant February 18, 2015

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In my last post I wrote that I needed to stop being a spectator in my kids lives (as my cousin so perfectly put it in her comment) and to actually join in with their play.


I did it.


Since last week, we’ve played Monopoly and we’ve played Jenga.  Monopoly was somewhat successful.  It started out well but Jay became undone because when it was his turn to move he didn’t want to stick to his own man.  He felt like he should be able to move any of the playing pieces he felt like.  The game ended before a winner could be decided.

Jenga was a bit more successful.  Ace is better at it than I would have expected.  At times it was fun and Jay played along perfectly.  However, sometimes he was just in a silly mood and all he wanted to do was knock the tower over as soon as it was built. which annoyed Ace.


Whatever the end result of the actual games … It was time spent together doing the same thing.


We’ve watched a real movie with real people and we’ve watched more of the god awful cartoons on Cartoon Network.  I mean really.  Each one is worse than the next.  Gumball, Uncle Grandpa (which Jay loves), Clarence and Adventure Time.  The only one that’s kind of tolerable is Teen Titans.  Emphasis on the KIND OF.


It was time we spent together; being together.


Over the weekend we put music on and danced in the kitchen (my idea).  We took silly selfies and made funny videos (Ace’s idea).  We came up with odd things to look at on Google Images (Jay’s idea).


I was tired and the laundry was singing in my ear but we did it.  I became a participant instead of a spectator and it was great!


4 Responses to “Participant”

  1. Autism Mom Says:

    Love this! I am delighted when we can all do things together like this!

    P.S. “Phineas and Ferb” is a pretty good cartoon! 🙂

  2. therocchronicles Says:

    We love games! So many great skills to learn when playing games. We try to have a family game night on Fridays–it’s been playing the WiiU since Christmas but we used to play more board games.

  3. LOL! “A Real Movie with Real People” – yes that is always a treat!

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