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Happy To Do It March 4, 2015

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When I was in prep school (up to grade 6), my Grandma was a frequent visitor at my school.  OK – All through my prep school and high school career my Grandma was a frequent visitor to my school.  Not because she loved the place so much but because I was always forgetting something and then calling her asking her to bring it for me. I know I should have been better about keeping track of my things but it just wasn’t my strong suit.  A water bottle here, a homework assignment there.  A portable typewriter (yeah, I had one) here, a dance recital costume there.  A promised item for a bake sale here, a library book due that day there.

She was constantly preaching to me about the importance of remembering my things and she would tell me that I had a strainer for a brain and that I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body – all the same things I tell my Ace now.  Each time she’d tell me that it was the last time.  That next time I’d have to just do without.  And each time I walked to the office asking to borrow the phone I’d be a little nervous.  Ready for the lecturing that I knew was headed my way.  But underneath all that – I KNEW she’d come through.  She always came through.  It was a really great feeling.  It gave me an inner comfort.  One that to this day, makes me feel supremely blessed and lucky.

No matter how often I complain about his losing his hats and no matter how many times I need to remind him to put away his homework and no matter how many times I have to ask him where his lunch box is … On the inside I’m shaking my head and smiling.  Ace is my kid.

Today he called me from his schools office to say that he had forgotten to pick up his lunch box – which I pack and leave in the same spot every morning and which I remind him every morning to put in his book bag.  He told me that the school lunch was turkey sandwiches and he really doesn’t like turkey sandwiches so could I PLEEAASSSEEEE bring him something else.

I won’t tell him this, but I was more than happy to go get my boy some lunch and bring it to him at school.  When I dropped it off he met me with a sheepish smile but when I gave him a big grin, he hugged me and said thanks.

I do love that I’m able to do these things for him and even though I’m not condoning the strainer brain lifestyle, I want him to know that he can always call me and I’ll always be there for him.

p.s.  I’m so much more responsible with my things now – Like almost compulsively – I can only hope that Ace too will improve as he gets older.


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