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Cheers March 17, 2015

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I guess I’m in a bit of writing slump.  There’s no reason for it.  I’m not sad or anything.  Just haven’t felt like logging on at night to type.  I’d rather watch re-runs of Spartacus on Netflix and drink wine.  I don’t know if it’s good or bad but Sams Club (a big box discount store) has begun to sell a Roscato that I love which means it’s easily accessible and affordable.

Since my last post, we had a bridal shower for my sister.  I was heavily involved in the planning so that was taking up a bit of my time.  It rained on the day and we didn’t have all the guests that we expected but the people who were there had a good time.  We laughed a lot!  That really is my favourite thing.  Laughter.  My sister looked beautiful and it’s just nice to spend this time with both my sisters (on my Moms side).  Our relationships are unconventional to say the least – but – we are still here – spending time and laughing together and I love them both.

Now I’m in count down mode to my trip for her destination wedding. I’m ready for a break.  I’m excited to spend time at the pool and on the beach with my boys.  They are water babies for sure!!!  Being in count down mode makes it difficult to get work done but, alas, I have to.  Also, thinking about being in a bathing suit on a beach stresses me out but I can’t say that to anyone because they would all give me dirty looks or think I’m fishing for compliments or tell me I’m crazy to feel that way since I’m not fat.  So I’ll just say it here.  I may not be fat but doesn’t everyone have some type of body issue?  I have cellulite and no boobs and my body is not evenly proportioned.  I’ve never loved being in a bathing suit.  I don’t know why I just wrote all that.  It has nothing to do with anything.  Maybe it’s the wine from last night talking.  lol

Moving on.

The kids are doing great.

Jay is hilarious and he’s talking up a storm (OMG!!!) and giving me lots of attitude.  I think he thinks he’s a teenager.  The other evening, at the end of what had been a long day, I told him I couldn’t take it anymore and could he please give me a break with the talking.  He stopped my heart with the sentence “But Mom, I need to talk.”  I started crying right then and there in my kitchen.  I couldn’t believe I was asking Jay to stop talking so much.  What a journey we have been on over the last few years.  Of course I told him he could go right ahead and talk as much as he liked; even though he was scripting from The Annoying Orange.  That show makes me wish they’d go back to watching Cartoon Network.

Ace is a mushy, sweet kid and he keeps growing out of his clothes.  I suppose Jay is growing too but I always have things at home that will fit him (thanks to Ace) so I notice it more with Ace.  He’s the one I always need to shop for.  He still has lots of energy all the time and he still has a hard time sitting still but he’s been SOOO good lately in terms of listening to me and doing what I ask him to do without any back answering or stalling.  I think for him especially, it really makes a difference when I spend time doing things with them.  He particularly likes our movie nights that we’ve been having.

I’m not sure if I’ll post again before I get back from our trip.  If not it’s because I’ve gone out and gotten myself another bottle of wine and I’m comfy under a blanket, watching TV or reading my book.  In other words – Taking time for myself to do what I want and to unwind.  *Cheers*


2 Responses to “Cheers”

  1. “I need to talk!” I love it! 🙂

    • OMG Deb … My heart couldn’t take it. Just the other day he wasn’t talking at all; not one word, and I was crying just hoping to hear what his voice sounded like. It’s incredible.

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