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Jamaica 2015 March 31, 2015

What a week we had!  My boys and I were in Jamaica for my sisters wedding but also for a long overdue family vacation.  Jamaica is “home” to me and I’ve been back pretty much every year since I migrated but my boys hadn’t been in 3 years.  I loved every minute of being there with them.  As a matter of fact, I loved every minute starting with the car ride to the airport.  They were so excited and so well behaved the entire way and all through the airport and on the plane ride.


We saw family and friends who are near and dear to my heart.  We saw family and friends who we hadn’t seen in years or had never met.  We saw goats and cows and chickens running loose and Jay (who is an animal LOVER) found out that he is not fond of flying bugs or ants.  He did however like the frogs and lizards.  We climbed trees and water falls.  We cannon balled into pools and played Marco Polo and did hand stands and back flips.  We crashed into waves and jumped off cliffs and got buried in sand.  We ate and ate and ate and ate and ate.  Yeah, there was that much eating.  We ran and laughed and cried (happy tears) and posed for pictures and got caught in amazing candid pictures.  We drove on smooth highways and rough, pot-holey local roads.  The kids even helped to build a fence at my Aunts house.  We did very touristy things and we did things only locals would dare to try or even know about.  Jay even licked an ice-cream cone.  Just 1 lick but that’s not nothing.  Ace discovered snow cones and is now a big fan.


The wedding was beautiful.  My sister was stunning.  Happiness poured out of her and her new hubby.  There was laughing and a little fun silliness and heart-felt loving messages to and from them.


I don’t even know what to say about my #1 Ace.  He was a rock star at the wedding.  It was a long day.  He was in a 3 piece suit in sunny, 80 degree weather.  He smiled as he walked down the aisle and he sat quietly throughout the ceremony and he posed for pictures galore with the bridal party and he danced and quietly played with the other kids at the reception.  He really was amazing and I kept telling him how proud I was.  He took that as his opportunity to ask if he’d earned a new Lego set.  🙂


My Jay Boogie too was wonderful.  He wasn’t keen on not being with me during the wedding ceremony but OMG, he sat quietly and watched the whole thing from his pew and afterwards when we (the bridal party) were taking pictures he entertained himself by chasing butterflies and playing on the phone.  There was not a peep.  He too danced and even did a little break dance back spin move on the floor that I’d never seen before.  He sat through toasts and dinner and even though he didn’t get the pizza he wanted he made do with Doritos and Nilla cookies.

Throughout the week when Jay did get frustrated or loud, everyone was so understanding and offered to help or asked if/how they could help.  One cousin of the groom, on her own, even went and bought chewing gum and brought it to the wedding to keep him occupied because she had heard me say earlier in the week that I use that sometimes.  I mean … Really!!!


Wouldn’t you know that 3 girls (women now) who I lived basically next door to and played with when I was a child are 1st cousins to the groom and we had no idea.  I hadn’t seen them in about 20 years – it was so great catching up.


I could go on and on.  I do believe I gained approximately 4500 pounds and took just over 4500 pictures.  I will have to sort through them and put them all in 1 file as they are spread out among multiple phones and cameras.  It will be fun to look through them all.


This is definitely a trip that we will look back on with nothing but happy thoughts.


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