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Random Ramblings April 14, 2015

Ace and I have been sick for the past couple of days and let me just say, it’s hard to not feel well (like fever and pain and weakness and coughing and sneezing) but you still have to take care of one sick child and another child who is perfectly fine.  Even though I wish my Ace wasn’t sick – I’m extra, super glad that Jay didn’t catch it because I can’t imagine how I would get any sort of medicine into his body.  Speaking of which – I couldn’t tell the last time that Jay was sick – And that’s quite astounding considering the crap diet that he has but it is working for him so maybe cheese doodles and ring pops do have some nutritional value.  Oh, Ace is feeling much better now and is back in school and talked my ear off in the car today.  I am trying desperately to catch up on backed-up work all while coughing my lungs up; but besides the coughing, I too, am feeling better.


While the kids were on Spring Break I took them to an indoor trampoline place and we had a B.A.L.L.  The problem with having a ball though, is that you get carried away and you forget that you haven’t been 18 in 20 years and you start doing flips and other tricks which make you fall and you land on your thumb and a week later it still hurts like the dickance and you can’t even open a bottle of juice or put your bra on comfortably – Then you think at least it’s the thumb on your left hand because if it was the right hand it would be so much worse – But man oh man you use that left thumb more than you ever realized.


I spent the better part of my Monday watching the show Intervention on Netflix.  I’m not sure why I got so sucked into it since I have never been addicted to drugs nor had to deal with someone very close to me being addicted to drugs.  I have zero experience with eating disorders, gambling and alcoholism or whatever other issues qualify people to be on that show.  About 7 episodes and 6 hours in – Shut up, I was home in bed and sick – I had a thought ………. It’s a good thing I am not on drugs or have an eating disorder or struggle with alcohol.  All these people on the show have put their families through so much and for many years and still their families go to great lengths to help them and to arrange treatment/rehab.  They are so lucky!  If I was in need of that kind of help, I don’t have any family who would tolerate that behavior or put out any great effort or money to get me the help I needed.  Then my next thought was ………. Am I really calling these people, with messed up lives, and who NEED an intervention, lucky?  What’s wrong with me?

*Disclaimer – As I’m typing this, I feel the need to add that I do have loved ones who I think would try to keep me from becoming a gambling, meth addicted, prostitute.  Just not immediate family.  And when I was watching the show I was alone and not feeling well.  See 1st paragraph.*


I’m trying to come up with a behavior modification plan for Jay.  There are definitely things we need to work on with him.  He is too loud and his tone and the words he uses when he’s asking for things is not acceptable.  He knows better but is choosing to be rude.  He has no patience what-so-ever.  He wants what he wants when he wants it and anything else results in lots of yelling.  That doesn’t work for me.  I’ve never tried anything like a reward chart with him so I’m not sure how effective it would be but I’m willing to give it a shot.  I need to find some time to make one and figure out exactly how it will work.  Each time he politely asks for something at a respectable volume he can earn a sticker until he gets the prize.  When his initial request is a loud, rude-sounding demand, he loses a sticker.  I don’t know.  I’ll think about it.  Maybe I’ll talk to his teacher and see what ideas she has.


It’s April now – which seems crazy to me – Where does the time go?  CC and I are starting to talk about summer plans for the boys.  To me there’s only ever 1 plan – and that’s Nanas – But this year CC wants to, and may be able to keep them for more than just weekends.  I think it would be nice (and good for them) if they can spend some extended time with C and his family.  The boys do miss him – Especially Ace I think – Or maybe I just think so because he expresses it.  There’s talk of signing the boys up for a summer karate program which would be great for them since they are not currently in any organized activity; which I feel badly about but I just can’t manage it; and most of them include weekend meetings and that’s when they go to New York to see their Dad.


Jay is feverishly trying to learn how to blow bubbles with gum.  It’s proving to be difficult for him – but he’s not giving up -and even though it may seem a silly thing to be proud of someone for I’m proud of him for his determined attitude – plus it makes for some very cute and funny faces – even if I am getting a lot of Jays spit on me in the process.


Ace is petitioning for a new pair of sneakers that cost $65 and have games built into them – Yup – The sneakers have actual games, that you can play, built into their sides.  Because if you happen to be in a place that’s oh so boring and you don’t have your I-pad or kindle or your moms phone or any friends or a TV or a pen and some paper or a tree to climb or an empty box you can just stoop down and play a game on the side of your ugly new sneakers.  *Insert ridiculous face*


What’s up with you?



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