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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For … May 4, 2015


There’s only one thing in this picture that Jay MIGHT eat – If he’s very hungry and it’s cooked just the right way by the right person – And that’s the eggs.



Multiple bags of carrots.  A cheeseburger.  Hot Dogs.  Marshmallows.  A variety of fruits including grapefruits and kiwi’s.  Ice-cream.

Just a sampling of the food items I have purchased over the past year alone because Jay asked me to.  He’s taken them to bed and cuddled with them.  He’s taken them camping.  He’s cut them open and examined their insides.  He’s poked and prodded and even drawn their pictures.  What he has never done is eat any of them. Well, he did lick a lemon to “see it’s sour“.

People have told me that I’m wasting my money and that I shouldn’t buy him these things.  But I have always felt like it’s a good thing to encourage his interest in food – no matter what form it takes.

To call Jay a picky eater is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT.  He eats five (yes, 5) things.  Ok, six if you count chewy, fruit-flavoured candy.

He eats NO fruits, NO veggies, NO meat (including fish) other than the ground beef inside one particular brand of Jamaican beef patties and the occasional McDonald’s chicken nugget, NO rice, NO pasta, NO beans/nuts, NO yogurt, NO bread or cheese except in the form of plain cheese pizza.

Even of the 5 (or 6) things he does eat, he’s VERY selective about the brand/flavor/packaging of each.


Thankfully, he’s physically healthy and he’s growing well, but I want so badly for him to eat a wider variety of foods.  If that means backing into it by letting him see and touch and smell and play with food to figure out if it’s something he will eat or not I’m ok with that.


This past weekend the weather was awesome so of course, we were outside a lot.  At one point we heard the familiar song of the ice-cream truck.  We are not a big ice-cream family so I assumed it would pass us like it always does without anyone batting an eye.  This past Saturday though, when Jay heard the music he asked for an ice-cream.  I asked if he was going to eat it and he said yes.  I didn’t believe him one bit but we went to get it anyway.  I assumed that as soon as the first melty part touched his hand he’d throw it in the garbage.  In other words, I was sure I was about to throw away $2.50.  Again.


20150502_164533 (2)  20150502_165006 (3)


A lot of it melted – BUT HE ATE A GOOD AMOUNT OF IT TOO.  I asked him if it was good and he screwed his face up and said “mm hmm”.  He seemed unsure.  When he’d had enough he handed it to me and wiped his hands in paper towel.

I was very pleased with the outcome even if it meant he hated it and never ate ice-cream again.  I was so proud of him for actually trying it.


The weather on Sunday was even better than it was on Saturday so we were outside again.  Again the ice-cream truck came by and again Jay asked for ice-cream.  He ordered the same thing as the previous day.  A vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles.  This time he ate even more of it and when I again asked him if it as good, I got a much more convincing “Yes!”


20150503_153721 (1) 20150503_154530 (1)


It’s only ice-cream.  I get it.  It’s not broccoli.  He’s asked for and I’ve bought him ice-cream before only for it to end up either in MY tummy or in a garbage can.  But this is why I will never consider it a waste of money to buy him foods that he asks for.  Even if it ends up in the trash.  Even if I buy the same thing on more than one occasion and it ends up in the trash.  It’s not a waste to me.  Because one day he will find something that he deems acceptable and he’ll eat and enjoy something he’s never eaten before.  And that makes it all worth it.


10 Responses to “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For …”

  1. Neil Says:

    My son used to have about five things too. And I remember the first time he tried ice cream. What a revelation. And now his diet is actually quite varied. Last night he ate grilled chicken, sauteed broccoli and a potato. Jay will eat more things when he’s ready. You’re taking the right approach.

  2. Dc’s list of foods he will eat is very short too. It’s tough but every once in awhile he will try something new.

  3. Good for him! My son eats no veggies except for corn; but a few months ago I secretly put baby spinach leaves in a berry/ apple juice smoothie and he ate it and liked it. (I hid the color difference by putting his smoothie in a dark colored cup with a lid and straw). After about 5 of those smoothies I fessed up to him that I had put spinach in it. He like it and was proud that he could actually put another veggie on his list of what he’ll eat. I put a liquid vitamin D (has orange flavor) into my smoothie, but because it’s about 1/2 a dropper, I can’t taste it. Once I got distracted and put the vitamin D in my son’s smoothie. He immediately asked me about the orange taste, telling me he didn’t like it. His senses of smell and taste are very heightened. Congratulations on Jay’s adding another food to his repertoire.

    • Oh, and looking at that picture, my son would eat the turkey/chicken, bread, strawberries, an apple, maybe one of the cheeses if it’s cheddar, and I think I see an ear of corn.

    • I’ve tried smoothies with Jay and he’s not interested. He does drink Pediasure and once I tried hiding medicine in it (he never takes medicine either) and he knew immediately that the taste was off and after that he stopped drinking Pediasure all together. It took me a long time to earn back his trust where the Pediasure was concerned.

  4. Maybe you can get him to eat strawberry ice cream and then he’s having fruit! Or ice cream could progress to smoothies and you could sneak all kinds of things in there. 🙂

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