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Full Busy Lovely May 28, 2015

OK, so the festival I wrote about last time was great but it was a drop in the bucket of all that our weekend was.  Before the bouncy castles and the face painting and Sean Pauls sexy dancers, there was Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Since it was a holiday weekend, with Monday being Memorial Day, the kids were also off school on Friday and yours truly left work at noon.  That meant we had a nice long weekend to work with and the weather was beautiful.  We’ve waited a long 7 months for it.


On Thursday evening we went bowling.  Ace got quite competitive; in a good way.  It’s not often that I see that side of him.  He ended up placing second but he beat most of us fair and square.  Jay played for 5 rounds but then lost interest and spent the last 5 rounds trying to convince me to let him have my phone and playing dead on the floor.  Overall it was a fun evening and it’s something we’d definitely do again.


On Friday, I took the kids to the Liberty Science Center.  The first order of business was the gift shop.  Jay has been dying to go to a gift shop ever since he had a school field trip to the zoo last month and he came home angry that I hadn’t given him any gift shop money.

*The gift shop was not a planned stop for the field trip and none of the kids got to go*

There was no way he was going to miss out on this gift shop though so after browsing around he got a stuffed animal cat and a stuffed animal tiger.  Ace opted for a rocket ship.

After the gift shop they explored.  There was an infinity climb and a touch tunnel and live animals and a water/sand table and a rock wall and a high beam walk and tons of other interactive science type things for kids to see and touch.  We ended up being there for about 2 hours until hunger forced us out.


Saturday was a relax day; for me anyway.  For the kids, it was a day to break out the hose and the kiddie pool and splash around in the back yard.

Sunday was beach day.  We avoided the nicer, busier beaches and stayed local and ended up having a great day.  The water was ice cold but that didn’t stop my little loves from splashing around in it.  They played ball games and built sand castles and looked for sea shells and rolled around in sand and other random beach day things.


As you can see it was a full and busy and lovely weekend.

And now Mama needs a nap.  And new shoes.  But mostly a nap 🙂

I won’t get it this coming weekend though since the boys and I will be in Maryland with 2 of my long time very besties attending a bacon festival.  Yup, you heard right.  A bacon festival.  How great is that???  We’ll also make some time for the pool and to explore the woods and river that runs through my friends new back yard.


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