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What’s That Smell? June 3, 2015

What’s that smell?” I asked as I exited the car.  It didn’t take me long to trace it to Ace’s armpits.  “Woah!” I said, “Does this mean it’s time for you to start wearing deodorant?”

It was a shock to my system, but to Ace, this is a welcome development.  It’s a sign that he’s not such a kid anymore.  It’s proof that what he’s been telling me for months is true; he is in fact growing up.

He wants his own cell phone.  He wants to stay up later.  He wants to walk himself to school/to the store.  He wants to watch PG13 shows/movies.


I’ve told him multiple times that growing up does come with some privileges but it also comes with greater responsibility.  This kid still loses his lunch box about every other month.  He balks at feeding the cat and cleaning his room.  He asks for help with tying his shoe laces and gives me a dramatic sigh and “awww, can’t you just do it?” if I ask him to put away his clothes after I’ve laundered and folded them.


Clearly he still has a long way to go before he’s really grown up but I do see him being more mature now.  I do see him being more curious and asking more difficult questions and having more stimulating and thoughtful conversations.  I recently had a talk with him about a school mate who he was complaining about.  This school mate is on the spectrum and when I mentioned that as a possibility to him he said “Ohhh, that would make sense.  That could be why sometimes he yells at me for no reason.”  I think his level of awareness and understanding is wonderful.  I see him handling disappointments better – Like when I told him that Jay would get out of school one week sooner than him for summer break.  I see him being more independent when he wakes up before I do in the morning.  I see him being more careful and helpful.  I see him taking more ownership of the things he needs to do; homework, studying etc.


My baby is not a baby anymore.  Thankfully he still blows me kisses when I drop him off at school – He’s not yet too cool for that; And he still likes to snuggle with me on the couch – I’m gonna hold on as long as I can; Assuming he put on his deodorant that day.


6 Responses to “What’s That Smell?”

  1. LOL! I hope the snuggling continues!

  2. Sounds very familiar! Just this past school year, my son (12) has had to make sure to shower more often. He has some deodorant, but doesn’t use it enough. I love that Ace still blows you kisses. I’m not allowed to hug my son in view of his classmates anymore. It’s not cool (I guess). And he most definitely balks at cleaning his room, cleaning his guinea pig’s cage, and putting his clean clothes away. This morning when I told him that next year, when he’s in middle school, he can make his own lunch, he gave me a look of shock and horror. I’ve done it every day for 7 years. (He won’t eat school lunches). His turn!

  3. NickyB. Says:

    I’m approaching this “stage” now with my son. I’m scared and excited at the same time.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Boys literally smell. Whew!! Good luck with the deodorant! And the growing up is hardest for me. I am struggling mightily with the big move to middle school next year for Jake. I still get some blown kisses…and I’m holding onto those as long as I can. Hope Ace never gives that up. 🙂

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