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No Time To Waste June 15, 2015

Where we live, we don’t have the luxury of taking hot and sunny for granted.  We have to soak it all up as much as we can during the summer.  I take my responsibility in that matter very seriously.


I should be embarrassed to say that a couple of weeks ago I drove all the way to MD and dragged my Juddles and her parents and my non-pork-eating friend Angel another half an hour south to attend a bacon festival in DC.  None of us will be in any rush to go back there but it’s something we can say we did and I can cross eating certain foods off my to-do list.  Foods like bacon jam, jerk pig on a stick, bacon funnel cake, ground bacon sliders, bacon dipped in chocolate and a bacon and ice cream donut sandwich.


The boys got fresh new summer time hair cuts.  Ace got a very low buzz cut.  He is determined not to brush his hair.  It’s a strategy I would totally employ if I was brave enough and didn’t have such a huge forehead.

Jay opted for a Mohawk.  He didn’t know the word Mohawk so he described it by saying he wanted to look like a fish.  Brilliant!


Even though it’s only mid-June and the kids are still in school we’ve also spent some time at a couple different pools.  Of note is that Jay can now walk all the way to the rope in our local pool that divides the deep end from the shallow end.  Last summer that was not the case.  He’s also doing a great job of swimming short distances.  He is not good at coming up for a breath so we will keep working on that.  I’m confident he’ll get it by the end of this summer though.  He really wants to learn.  That’s the # 1 factor in how easily he picks things up.  The kids play really well together when they’re at the pool and Ace’s swimming is just getting stronger and stronger.  He has no fear and takes full advantage of the Olympic sized pool we have access to.  It’s a relief not to have to watch them quite as closely now.


We spontaneously stopped at a sprinkler park on the way home from school the other day.  We were not prepared for that stop so the kids took off their socks and shoes and played in their school uniforms.  Then soaking wet kids got into my car and sat on my cloth seats for the ride home.

*Note to self*  Next vehicle needs leather seats.


This past weekend we attended a back yard bbq which was mostly successful.  The 2 hiccups happened when Jay was watching a movie on my phone and then another kid took it away from him and then when he found a pack of dominoes and wanted to play with them but my sister told him no since we didn’t know who they belonged to.  Besides that, everything was great and all the kids had fun.  We didn’t leave there until after 10pm and even that was just because I wanted to leave before things did get bad.  As a general rule, tired Ace and Jay are grumpy Ace and Jay.


We are really making the most of the limited summer that we have … And what I talk about are only the things they do with me.  They do stuff with their Dad too when they are with him.  They are 2 busy, but happy little bees.

This is Jays last week of school before summer vacation actually starts and Ace will be done next Friday.  That will make even more time for even more fun!!!  There’s still a lot on our agenda.  We haven’t had a water balloon fight yet or gone camping yet or picnic’d in the park yet.


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  1. NickyB. Says:

    Hope you have an awesome summer.

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