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Wet Bouncy Fun June 23, 2015

Despite the weather reports calling for rain and the ominous looking clouds, we arrived full of good intentions.  Being Margie Roo’s Granddaughter, I had packed towels and extra shirts for the boys.  Just in case.  Margie Roo was BIG on being prepared for the unexpected.  Never keep all your money in 1 pocket; spread it out – Just in case you lose it.  Always pack underwear and a toothbrush in your carry on bag – Just in case they lose your checked luggage.  Pack a sandwich – You never know.  No matter how old you are, definitely never go anywhere without telling at least one person where you are going and who you are going with – Just in case something happens.


We got to the venue and the boys immediately kicked off their shoes and climbed into the bouncy castle where there were already about 5 other children.  The rest of us got food and sat down to chat.

After about 10 minutes it began to drizzle.  Enough that the chatters moved their chairs to the covered area but not enough to stop the bouncers from bouncing and sliding.

And then it really began to rain and all the kids ran from the bouncy castle which, although it was still inflated, had sprung several leaks in the roof.

All the kids that is, except for mine.

My 2 couldn’t have cared any less about getting rained on.  They were having a blast jumping while getting dripped on and sliding down into full blown puddles.

I’m pretty sure people were watching them and thinking they were … crazy? spoiled? reckless? ridiculous? … I don’t know what.

I worry about A LOT of things, but I just am not one of those parents who worries about my kids getting wet or ruining their outfits.  I was happy to watch them enjoy themselves.

They spent a good 45 minutes getting totally soaking wet before they’d had enough.

They dried off as best they could – with the towels I had thought to bring 🙂 – and changed into the clean shirts I had thought to bring 🙂 – and then we all decided that we should call it quits and head home.


What should have been a full afternoon of a family fun day BBQ with face painting and other fun activities turned out to be 1 hour of a rainy, low attendance BBQ.

My boys had a really FUN one hour though.


3 Responses to “Wet Bouncy Fun”

  1. Uncle Says:

    Your Grandma was a wise woman. She is still watching over you and yours as she does me and mine. Miss her like crazy. Kids just have to have fun …

  2. Michelle Says:

    OMG, Grandma’s wisdom must have made it across the ocean cos I’m just the same! I always have a towel and a change of clothes for the kids, although maybe that’s just cos Max always somehow gets wet and needs to change!

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