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Watch Him Nae Nae June 25, 2015

Jay began his summer vacation last Friday.  Ace doesn’t get out till this Friday.  For one entire week, Jay is in New York with his Dad and Ace is at home with me.  As you can probably imagine, Ace was not too happy about that arrangement.  He loves spending time with his Daddy and he does not love being in school still.

In an attempt to lessen the pain, I’ve been trying to do things with Ace this week to make him feel a little special.


On Monday I left work a little early and took him to the pool.  We were able to enjoy it in a different way than when Jay is with us.  Since Ace is a pretty good swimmer, he loves to roam free and take full advantage of the Olympic sized neighbourhood pool.  Jay on the hand, while he says he can swim, prefers to stay where he can stand up if he wants to.  He hasn’t fully mastered coming up for a breath while he’s swimming.  I like to be able to keep my eyes on both boys when we are at the pool so I usually don’t get into the water with them.  This time though, I was able to dive in and swim around with Ace and not worry about keeping my eyes on Jay.  It was pretty darn cool.  Ace and I jumped and raced and swam between each others legs and gave each other swimming piggy back rides for over an hour.


On Tuesday, his after school program had an end of year talent show.  We had some time to kill after school let out but before the show was to start so we went on a dinner date to Ace’s favourite restaurant.  I-Hop.  Again, it was pretty darn cool.  He held the door open for me and said “After you ma’am“.  Once we were seated, he ordered his own food, even making special requests … “No butter on the pancakes please.”  We chatted and laughed and just enjoyed each others undivided attention.

The show itself was great.  The kindergarteners tried to steal the show with the cutest ever dance to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off but as far as I’m concerned, Ace dancing to Silento’s Watch Me Whip was the definite highlight.  Is he the best dancer?  No.  Will he ever win So You Think You Can Dance?  Probably not.  But he was entertaining and he was having fun.  I was one proud mama. I wish I had a video that I could link to here but alas there is none.  You’ll just have to take my word for it that he *Whipped, Superman’d, Stanky Legged and Nae Nae’d* the heck out of that stage.

Oh and when I asked him what his favourite part of the show was, he said “Watching you cheer for me.”  Awwwww.


On Wednesday, we went to the movies.  That post will come later.  It needs an entire post for itself.  I’ll just say that the title of the post will be “Sad, Scary and AWESOME!”

~*~ To Be Continued ~*~


2 Responses to “Watch Him Nae Nae”

  1. Neil Says:

    I am quite certain he is better than my son at the whip and nae nae. I must have heard that song 300 times in the last week. And the dancing? Not good.

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