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Sad, Scary and AWESOME! June 26, 2015


In this picture, taken at the Jurassic Park section of Universal Studios in Florida last summer, I asked the boys to look scared – since, ya know – a dinosaur was chasing them and all.

I’m not sure who pulled off a better scared look. 




Ace wanted to go see Inside Out.  I did not.  I wanted to see Jurassic World.  Despite the fact that it’s rated PG13 and Ace is only (almost) 9 and despite the fact that the movie wouldn’t end until close to 9pm which is past his bedtime; I asked him if he was interested in being my plus one.  He agreed, so we went to the mall.

*Note* There are no real spoilers in this post.  I mean, everyone assumes that in this movie, people will get killed by Dinosaurs … right?


I just have to say … I really like my kid.

Which is not the same as saying I love my kid.

I like hanging out with him.  I like browsing the stores in the mall with him and telling him that no he cannot get ANOTHER super hero shirt and while we can look, he definitely cannot get any more toys.  I like answering his questions which range from “What’s BOGO?” to “What are we going to do when we get home?”.  I like hearing him say that he enjoyed the dances the girls did at the talent show but that I shouldn’t tell his buddy Antonio because he doesn’t want Antonio to know that he likes anything about girls.  I like that he holds my hand and tells me which sandals he thinks will look nice on my foot or which scent he likes at Bath and Body Works.  I like that he asked to try on some Skechers and then told me I was lucky that they didn’t have it in his size.   I like going up and down the escalators just for fun.


I like choosing what to snack on and agreeing to share a drink and I like talking about which movies we are interested in seeing based on the previews.

Then the lights dimmed and it was time for us to be quiet.


The movie started off quite tame and then someone got eaten whole by a dinosaur.  Ace leaned in closer to me.  Then the music got louder and day turned to night and more people got eaten.  Ace was curled up on his seat with half his body on mine, his head tucked into my shoulder and his arms pulled  into his sleeves.  I had both my arms wrapped tightly around him.  Then there was some yelling and screaming and escaped dinosaurs and more people dying.  By that time he was using my skirt as a blanket.  I asked if he was ok and he said yes.  As the movie climaxed he asked me how much time was left and I told him probably about 10 minutes.  I asked if he could handle it.  I told him it was ok to close his eyes if any of it was too much.  He never closed his eyes.

When it was all done – And I started crying as the parents were reunited with their sons and the 2 brothers realized how much they loved each other and promised to always be there for each other – He said “Mom, I was crying a little bit at the end too.  The movie was sad, and scary, but it was AWESOME!”


Overall, I felt happy snuggling up so tightly with Ace for 2 hours and I was so proud of him for enjoying a grown-up movie the way he did (sorry Pixar … not!) and not for nothing, while Chris Pratt hadn’t been on my radar before this movie, I see now that he is quite the looker.  Heeyyyy Chris.  *waves and smiles seductively*




**Anyone who knows me – even if all we have is an online relationship – knows that I’m a fan of routines and rules and structure.  BUT, I also feel like some of the best memories are made when the routines are not followed and the rules are loosened a bit.  Like when I got to wear my black shirt with Culture Club written across the front in glitter and my acid wash jeans skirt to school instead of my uniform.  And when I spent a night with my father at a family friends house and we stayed up late watching 2 Indiana Jones movies and I was scared but excited and we ate pistachios; in the bed no less.  Or when I spent summers with my Aunt who let me wear my hair out instead of in plaits.  Or when my friends and I got to play in the rain or wash our hair outside with the hose.

Yesterday Ace and I went to an indoor go-kart racing track.  It was his 1st time driving and he did a really great job.

This entire week has been out of the norm for us and I’ve loved every single minute of it.  I really hope it will stick out in Ace’s mind as a really happy memory when he’s all grown up and has kids of his own.**


One Response to “Sad, Scary and AWESOME!”

  1. NickyB. Says:

    Sounds like you have a great bond with him! I think I’ll see that movie this weekend!

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