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A Little Catching Up July 20, 2015

I’ve been so bad about blogging.  Ugh!  I hate when I get into these slumps.  I get mad at myself for not capturing things that are happening but I just can’t get into a writing groove lately.


I want to write about how nice it is to see the kids becoming more and more independent.  Warming up food in the microwave, opening new jugs of milk, putting away laundry, carrying groceries inside.

I want to write about the day we spent at the zoo.  Sure, there was a little melt down in the gift shop but we got through it and I can say the day was a success.

I want to write about how I like being able to help out a neighbor friend but I’ll never say yes to cat-sitting for her again.


I never did say anything about my office beach day party – Our amazing beach day party that the boys enjoy attending every year.

There was a trip to the movies.  Did I talk about that already?  I don’t know.  Everything’s a blur.

I know I didn’t write about visiting my friend.  The kind of friend who you reach out to by saying “I need an ear.  I have some stuff going on.” and they say “Come on over.  Or do you want me to come to you?  Anything you need.”  And then you go to said friends house where you drink wine at 3 pm out of too big glasses and you lounge around in bed while you spill your beans and they listen and you both laugh and you feel lighter emotionally but heavier physically because you ordered pizza cause pizza and wine go together for the kids.


I’m pretty sure I mentioned taking Ace to a Developmental Pediatrician for an evaluation but I don’t think I said anything about how the visit went.  I’m not sure how much I want to say about how the visit went.  I’ll say this … I liked the doctor a lot.  She was thorough and patient and she listened and she seemed genuinely interested in doing what’s best to help my boy.  Some new things are getting put into place and we will see how that goes.


I hope to get back into better blogging shape soon.  I do miss it when I don’t write.  This train ride is never far from my mind but that alone doesn’t keep it running.

Recently I had a week at home with just Ace.  Soon I should have a week at home with just Jay.  I’m sure there will be stories from that.

I hope to make some time to play tennis or racket ball with my friend and I’d love a little weekend getaway but that probably won’t happen.  It’s all good though.


I’ll be back with more writing shortly … Right now, I need to make a couple of phone calls because I’ve been slacking on keeping in touch with people I really need to and want to keep in touch with.  They are always on my mind but just like this train can’t keep moving if I don’t actually put finger to keyboard, my loved ones won’t know how much I love them if I don’t actually pick up the phone and call.


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