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Six Days August 4, 2015

Sometimes the good stuff is just as (or harder) to write about than the bad ones.  I always feel like words fall short.  What words do I choose to tell you how proud I am of Ace and his behavior last week?  Actually, starting from the Thursday before last.  What words could I possibly pick that would let you know what a big deal it was that he came to work with me for SIX FULL DAYS (8 am to 5pm) and sat at a desk (or under a desk but that’s irrelevant) and entertained himself?  I mean really …. This kid who every teacher has complained about being too – everything.  Too easily distracted, too chatty, too fidgety, too loud, too disruptive.


He drew pictures and then made copies of them.  He watched cartoons on his tablet (THANK GOD for Wi-Fi).  He played with cars.  He popped bubble wrap from the warehouse.

He was just the right amount of friendly and polite.  He offered his help without being pushy.  He watched the clock but was patient.



I only brought him with me because I had NO OTHER OPTION.  I was nervous about how it would work.  I work in a fairly quiet office with some people who can get very intense/serious.

He was sooooooooo good.


In the morning we’d stop at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  He loved that.  He is a big fan of donuts and he doesn’t get them too often from me.  I loved being able to give him a treat.

Although I usually try to bring a packed lunch, while he was with me we went out to lunch together every day.  I figured he’d need the break from being inside and I loved sharing that hour with him just talking and hanging out.

In the evening when our work day was over, I’d let him sit on my lap and steer around the almost empty parking lot.  He got a big kick out of that.

He has no idea how much of a kick I got out of all of it.  As I sat there driving with him, I was fully aware of the circle of life.  I used to sit just like that on my Grandma’s lap as we drove up and down our 1/4 mile long driveway.  When I spent the day at our family store, I played with the office supplies there and I “helped” the workers and I got to eat things that I didn’t usually get.


Oh how I wish if my Grandma were here to watch my boys grow up.  They would have loved each other.  She would have taught Jay how to tend to a garden and how to train a new puppy and she would have nurtured his love of art.  She would have baked cakes with Ace and played board games with him and snuggled with him and rubbed his back any time he wanted.  She would have shown Jay how to give back to his community and she would have gotten Ace involved in a Church group.

I get teary eyed thinking about it all.  But I’m not sad.

I’m not as selfless and I don’t have a green thumb and I’m not much of an animal lover and I’m not artistic and I definitely don’t do the charity work that I should – But I do think I have enough of her spirit living inside me that she helps guide me in raising my children.  I try to have her patience and I certainly have her unquestionable love.


Ultimately, after the week that Ace and I spent together I have a much better appreciation for what he’s capable of and for how hard he works to keep himself under control all day.  As much as he can be a handful and as much as I look at him sometimes and shake my head at the nonsense that he does and as much as he’s not what I would have imagined my child to be like … He’s really an awesome kid and I love him and feel so incredibly proud of him!  I can’t imagine that my life would be as full and joyous and rich without him exactly the way he is.


3 Responses to “Six Days”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Awesome!!! Way to go, Ace!! You are such a good mom to your boys. How blessed you are to have each other!

  2. Uncle Says:

    I was just saying to Aunty “L” today how much I miss my Mum. She would have been so much to all her great grand children. She is up there watching us. You have two lovely boys there. The pics make us smile.

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