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Going Out To Eat – J Train Style November 17, 2015

Before we can seriously consider going out to dinner with the children, there are questions that must be asked and answered no more than 10 minutes prior to the desired arrival time at the restaurant.

  1. How much time do we have left before bedtime?
  2. How long will the wait be for a table?
  3. What’s on the kids menu?
  4. What kind of day have the kids had so far?
  5. How good are the alcoholic drinks at said establishment?
  6. Do the boys have toys/electronics/paper and crayons to entertain themselves?
  7. Do I have some trick up my sleeve that I’ve been saving to use as a bribe?


We decided to brave it the other night.  Even though this was a new restaurant for the children all the answers came up favourably.  2 hours to bed time.  No wait for a seat.  Chicken fingers and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Good/Pleasant.  They specialize in Sangrias and Margaritas.  Electronics were charged and they had full new set of crayons. Jay has been wanting jelly beans and candy corn and Ace has been wanting more Nintendo DS time.








Once we were there.  Jay looked utterly bored and unimpressed.

Ace inhaled one slice of bread and was not happy when we told him he could not have a second since it would ruin his appetite.  He did end up eating more bread after his actual meal.




Ace, to my total shock, ordered steak and mashed potatoes.  He said he wanted to try something new.  He had a few bites of the steak but said he didn’t love it.  He did like the mashed potatoes – after I scraped the top part off that had been doused in butter.  I ended up eating that deliciously buttery part.  Hey, a Moms gotta do what a Moms gotta do.  No french fries were consumed during this meal despite their prominent position on the plate.

Jay took one bite of his “grilled cheese sandwich” and declared that he was all done.  (The grilled cheese sandwich was actually a cheeseburger without the burger.  It’s become one of his things.)  Then he squirmed and twisted and complained and talked and dropped things and spun around and lay down.  He got up and was standing in the aisle, he did the activities on the kids menu, he said he was ready to go, he begged for candy and he asked to come sit beside me.  Then he took a couple more bites of his sandwich; all while looking disgusted with it.  Ohhh, and of course, he wanted to play on my phone.











Then, Ace ordered dessert.  A brand new dessert that he’s never tried before.  AND HE LIKED IT!!!  Pumpkin spice lava cake.  He ate a lot of it.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I also had several bites of it and thought it was yummy.


Meanwhile …………………..


(Strike that last image from your mind :-).  It’s all an illusion.  It never happened.)





After we were all stuffed and waiting for our check, Ace and I decided to have a little fun with fruit.  Jay wanted no part of our nonsense.


We got home in time to get the kid to bed at their regular time and despite the kids being TOO LOUD and TOO WIGGLY and TOO PICKY and them climbing on the rocks outside the restaurant and not wanting to carry their own to-go cups …. I’d say it was a very successful outing.  One that just a couple of years ago I would not have attempted; no matter what the answers to the preliminary questions were.  We didn’t even spill anything.  Look at us go!!!


3 Responses to “Going Out To Eat – J Train Style”

  1. Luna Says:

    Yayyyy!!! Sounds like a slice of perfection.

  2. Great!!! So glad it went well (and Mom’s are entitled to several bites of any dessert – that’s a rule. I will look it up for you 🙂

  3. NickyB. Says:

    Astounding LOL…Sounds like success to me!

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