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Somma Dis, Somma Dat December 3, 2015

Well …. It’s been a bit of a rough couple of weeks.  I’ve been kind of emotionally needy and there’s been a general tiredness hovering over me.  I’m not sure why specifically.  I mean, I know some of the reasons … but …


Thanksgiving weekend was good-ish.  We made the best of it.  There was plenty of love and fun and we managed to have a healthy amount of laughter.  I even got some good sleep, but Jay was kinda moody so there was a lot of me being tense and on edge, waiting to step on the proverbial egg shell.

We, (the kids and I) made lemonade together.  That was fun.  It’s way funnier than I realized to watch kids try to squeeze the juice out of a lemon with their hands.

We, (Mostly I), prepared a pretty big dinner and we, (mostly I), was full of high hopes for how it would go.  I wanted the whole thing.  For us to be dressed nicely and to take pictures and to sit together and have a nice meal.  It didn’t go great.  Only Ace and I managed to get a decent picture together.  Ace agreed to have spaghetti, turkey and cornbread on his plate.  He ate the turkey.  Jay asked for pizza, which he got, but didn’t eat.  He ended up eating half a grilled cheese sandwich.  I tried asking everyone at the table what they were thankful for.  Ace said “family“, Shawnie said “come back to me” [It had been a long day] and Jay loudly announced that he wasn’t thankful for anything.  The question never made it’s way to me.  The kids soon left the table and Shawnie and I burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.  The laughter.  That was good.

I have found lately that Jay is a staunch supporter of his brother.  He picks up for Ace and sides with Ace even when he doesn’t know the full story.  It’s pretty neat.

There’s too much cleaning to do.

We started putting up our Christmas decorations.  For the first time ever this year, the kids even put lights in their bedroom window.  Christmas makes us all happy.

I was talking to a college friend recently- (It just hit me that I met him 20 years ago.  Damn I’m getting old) – and we both talked about how different adulthood is than we could have ever imagined.  We’ve taken different paths; he’s single, is self-employed and has no children but still; we both agree that there is way more responsibilities and hardship and less fun and “carefreeness” than we expected.  Kind of a bummer.

Ace and Shawnie built a fire pit and we roasted marshmallows.  That was mostly fun.  Mostly.  I do believe there’s a video floating around in which Shawnie is asking for help and wondering how she got sucked into this life.  I think there was something about Jay leaving 1 of her favourite shoes stranded in the back yard and there’s possibly a picture of Jay with marshmallow all over his face and clothes.  He may have even gotten marshmallow stickyness all over a door handle or two.  I don’t know for sure.

We closed out the Thanksgiving weekend by taking the kids to a movie and then to a small amusement park/indoor game place.  Sitting in the theatre we had the quietest 2 hours of the entire weekend.  I’ve written before about how much my boys love the movies but it’s easily a $60 trip.  I can’t do that on a regular basis.  The amusement place outing started off great.  It didn’t end so great.  It would have ended great – But they have those stupid toys that you earn with tickets from playing games.  Damn them and their prize area.

  • WORK!  That’s all I’ll say.
  • BILLS!

I got to spend a lil time with some of my all time favourite people; One of whom was about to undergo surgery.  From what the doctors are saying it went well.  YAY!!!!  That’s a definite good.


Geez … Have I rambled on long enough?  I’ll stop.

Josh Groban and his amazingly soothing voice is playing really loudly in my ear right now.  It helps.  I’m a little jealous of Kat Dennings.  I wonder if he sings romantic songs to her as they cuddle?

I tripped and fell in love with someone completely unexpected.  It’s the best and the scariest.  The good stuff is so much better and the bad stuff is so much more bearable.

One last thing and then I promise I’m done.  I have to say that Ace has been really awesome lately.  He’s his same quirky and atypical self but he’s just so sweet and so helpful and so caring.  He’s turning into a real little gentleman.  I am having a little bit of a hard time watching it all unfold – even though it’s amazing.  He has friends now that he calls and who call him so they can chit chat on the phone … And he has a little crush on Sandra Bullock.




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