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Update Of Sorts December 11, 2015

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Another Christmas season is upon us.  For us, there’s no elf on the shelf, no advent calendar, no holiday concerts to prepare for.  Jay didn’t even want to write a letter to Santa.  He only wanted one thing so he felt like a letter was unnecessary.  Ace did write a letter asking for lots of things and is now lamenting the fact that he didn’t ask for more.  I mean, he forgot to include this years Hess truck.  What a tragedy.  However will he manage?  lol.  I have a sneaky suspicion that he’ll get it.  After all, it’s well known that Santa has elves all over who fill in gaps like these.

Despite the lack of other Christmassy goings ons, it sure looks like Christmas threw up in my house.  The only safe haven is my room.  The kids love all the decorations.  Jay has been wearing a Santa hat to school and asking everyday if he can get/open his presents.  He fully understands that he needs to wait till the 25th but he asks everyday none-the-less.


The weather has been good for the past week and a half or so – And as we’ve seen before – That brings with it a very pleasant Jay.  I really love it.


The other thing that happened recently was that Jay lost a front tooth.  He was nervous about it coming out but once it did he handled it like a pro.  He was ready for the tooth fairy and she did not disappoint.  He used his earnings to buy himself pizza the following day and he and Ace proceeded to eat the entire thing.  How 2 little boys who are no bigger than a button, ate an entire pizza, is beyond me.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t hungry that day.


All in all, we are steadily plowing through.  I only have 1 gift left to buy and then I can focus on the wrapping.  I actually like that part.  Mostly I am really enjoying that my boys enjoy this time of year.  That wasn’t always the case.


Hot on the heels of Christmas, we will celebrate Jay’s 8th birthday.  What a journey it’s been.  Man oh man.  More on that as the time draws nearer.


Happy Friday everyone.  I hope it’s a really great weekend for you all.









p.s.  Even though this post is upbeat, my thoughts and prayers are very much with some loved ones who are going through a hard time right now.  xoxoxoxoxoxo






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  1. NickyB. Says:

    Hoping you have a great Christmas.

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