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Not Another Birthday Post January 13, 2016

Last weekend was Jay’s birthday.  His eighth birthday to be exact.  I’ve given up on worrying about where he is developmentally every time his age goes up one.  He is who he is and he is where he is.  We just take it a day at a time and move ahead.  He’s progressing and it’s awesome no matter the pace.


I’m not going to spend any time saying how great he is and how much I love him … etc etc etc … That all goes without saying right?

What I can say about his birthday is that he was really looking forward to it.  He began the birthday countdown the day after Christmas.  He let me know that he’d like a birthday hat and cupcakes.  There would be no singing of the birthday song.

Since his birthday was on a Sunday we decided that I would bring party hats and cupcakes to his school on the Friday before.  We browsed Party City and chose the perfect hat on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning when I dropped him off at school, he stopped abruptly outside the front door and began yelling that he’d forgotten his hat at home and we needed to go back home for it.  I told him that was not possible if I was to get Ace to his school on time and also get myself to work on time.  I told him that his “party” wasn’t until the next day so we’d be sure not to forget the hat on Friday.

He refused to budge.  He wanted his hat.

The two of us stood there having our stand-off while all the other students and their parents casually made their way inside.

But there was one Mom who stopped on her way inside.  She gently touched my shoulder.  She smiled.  She said “I understand.  It’ll be ok.”

Days later I can’t stop thinking about her.  It was such a nice gesture.


Jay ended up having a good day that Thursday and a great day on Friday with his classmates and his hat and cupcakes and chips.  We went to the park after he got out of school where we played tag and we went down the slide and we climbed on the play structure.  Let me just say, it’s a lot harder to swing across monkey bars than I would have thought.

The boys spent the weekend with their Dad so I didn’t get to spend most of his actual birthday with him but there were presents waiting for him when he got home and he reports that he had a good day, playing with his brother and cousin.

All’s well in his eight year old world; And for that I am happy.

We are now looking forward to Valentines Day!



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