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The Corner Store February 5, 2016



Well, that may be a little bit overly dramatic.  Let’s break it down and see.


After school the other day he did ask for some cheese balls.

And I did agree to getting him some cheese balls.

And we did pull up in front of a local corner store.

And I did hand him a dollar and suggest that he and Ace go into the store together while I sit in the car and wait for them.

Ace did say he was too comfy and didn’t really feel like going into the store.

Jay did say “It’s ok.  I’ll go by myself.”

My heart did beat a little faster and I did keep my eyes glued to the door and I was unbuckled in case I needed to make a quick exit and ….

Jay did go into the store, by himself, and then emerge a couple of minutes later holding a small black plastic bag and sporting a huge smile on his face.

When he got back into the car he said, “They didn’t have any cheese balls so I got 2 bags of Doritos.  It was still just $1.”


I don’t know what communication transpired between Jay and the store clerk but whatever it was, it got the job done.

Ace told Jay that he was proud of him for making his purchase on his own; to which Jay replied very nonchalantly, “Yeah, when I was a baby I couldn’t do that but now I can.  That’s how it is.”


So there you have it folks!  My boy is slowly but surely finding his legs and I couldn’t be more proud.  Even though the perception of what actually took place when I say “Jay went to the store by himself” may be a bit of an exaggeration, I like the sound of it and it’s not a lie.


2 Responses to “The Corner Store”

  1. NickyB. Says:

    OMG!!! That is so awesome! YES!

  2. Sara Says:

    That’s huge, momma! I know that feeling so well lol

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