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Our Memories Are Unreliable aka Why Blogging is Awesome! March 1, 2016

I had this post all written in my head.  I would open with …


“If I told you that Jay went to school in silly socks this morning would that sound particularly impressive?


What if I told you that 2 years ago he refused to participate in any of this stuff and went to school in the same uniform he always goes in.  Would that make it more impressive?”


I would go on to tell you how the greatness of some things can only be measured when they are compared to something else.

Then I went searching for a post I knew I had written about Jay and “silly socks day” at school a couple of years ago.  I needed to reference it so you could see just how far he’s come.  I just knew that in the post, I had said that I tried to get him to wear silly socks to school but he objected.

Then I found the post and read it … And, lo and behold, my memory was all wrong.

The post was all about how proud I was of my boy and his willingness to wear mis-matched socks to school and what a big deal that was.

Silly me, here I was all ready to take away some of the credit that Jay deserves.  Apparently, he’s been amazing me in the socks department for a long time.


To read the post from two years ago please click <here> .


2 Responses to “Our Memories Are Unreliable aka Why Blogging is Awesome!”

  1. indokardia Says:

    I hope Jay keeps rocking them socks…..and much much more 🙂

  2. NickyB. Says:

    That’s why blogging is really wonderful. We get to capture moments like that.

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