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Update By Run-On Sentences April 20, 2016

Things are still going well.


There was that issue of Ace getting a fever when I had only been at my new job for 2 days and I had to leave at noon which didn’t feel awesome because who wants to have that conversation with a brand new boss but they took it well which may have been helped by my boss and his wife expecting their first baby this August so he is feeling soft and mushy about all things kid related and Ace is feeling better and that was that.


There is also the issue of Jay and homework.  He hates it.  He refuses to do it at his after-care place which means we are stuck doing it at home which we don’t get to until around 5:30pm after being up since 5:00am and everyone is worn out so as I’m sure you can imagine it’s not fun so I have added it to the list of things to talk about when we have his big 3 year evaluation/IEP meeting in June to see if or what we can do to help him with it.


As far as getting up at 5:00am goes, that’s new for all of us since we didn’t used to get up until 7:00am and while I will say it’s not great leaving my comfy bed when it’s still dark outside and driving out into the chilly night-time air and dropping my boys off at a before-care place before any other kids have been dropped off, it has gone smoothly and they have handled the transition like champs and have needed little to no direction once their alarms go off and so as not to be outdone I will mention that I’m proud of myself too because me and getting up early have a long-standing disregard for each other but it is what it is and it’s working so there’s that and I fully admit that it’s better to wake up at 5:00am than to get stuck in traffic and turn what should be a 50 minute commute into a 2 hour commute which is what would happen if I lost my mind and decided to work the 8 – 5 shift.


It’s allergy season and I don’t know what it is exactly that’s affecting us but 3 out of the 4 of us that live together are suffering tremendously this year … More than any other year ever I think and for me it’s bad but I’m used to sinus and allergy issues because I’ve had them my whole life although when I was living in Jamaica we called it hay-fever which isn’t a term I’ve ever heard used here in the US but it’s the same thing so I have a pretty high tolerance for congestion and needing to blow my nose on a regular basis and the people who have spent large amounts of time with me know and accept that this is just a part of being around me but my boys are not used to it as this is the first time in their lives they have had allergies and they don’t ever really get sick at all so they are really struggling to get through the days and nights of not being able to breathe easily which kinda sucks for them both but at least Ace will take medicine so it’s worse for Jay who refuses to drink liquid medicine and can ditect it in juice like it’s his freakin super power and who tried to swallow a pill but just couldn’t get it down but in the grand scheme of things it’s just allergies and it will pass so it’s fine.


So yeah, things are going well and we’re pretty much in settling in and ironing out the wrinkles mode which is a better mode than hectic and stressed and figuring out everything mode.


Oh and I signed the boys up for a swimming program to improve their form and teach them more strokes etc which I hope they will love since they love the water and swimming so much but it’s the first time in a long time that they will be a part of any formal group or program since none of the previous ones we tried went well (soccer, karate, choir, acrobatics, boy scouts, social skills groups) so I have shied away from any sign up sheets in the last year or two or maybe even three – They start the first week of May.


2 Responses to “Update By Run-On Sentences”

  1. NickyB. Says:

    Allergies suck…big time! Hoping you all get better soon. HW is an every week battle at my house. Good thinking to talk to them about it during your meeting. Glad you all are settling in.

  2. With regards to homework, if it’s too much to deal with at the end of the day, you can opt out of it using the IEP. I didn’t know this until I was complaining to my son’s sped teacher a few years ago about how he couldn’t handle doing homework after having to hold himself together all day in school. Fortunately for us, at the time, my son’s school didn’t start until 9:30 am, and we were able to have time before school to get some work done. Then came middle school and having to get up at 5 am. Ugh. I feel ya with the early wake up.

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