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E-Schedule May 4, 2016

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Sometimes I do something and then think to myself … “Duh Deens.  Why didn’t you think of that sooner?  You would’ve saved yourself a lot of headaches.”

Case in point … Electronics!


Never mind that in our house we have 2 Kindle Fire’s, 2 laptops (one of which they have permission to use), an i-pad, 2 phones (one of which they sometimes get to use), a play station and an X Box the kids ALWAYS fight over ONE item.  Whoever has the i-pad, the other one wants it.  No!  Desperately NEEDS it or they might die.  If one has the laptop, the other MUST HAVE IT.  If one is watching TV, the other cannot bear to do anything else but to use the play station hooked up to that TV.


“But he used it all day yesterday and I didn’t get a chance.”

“That’s not true.  You’re a liar.”

“No I’m not.  I only get it for a little bit.”

“You get it all the time.”


*insert my heavy sigh and eye roll*

The fights over electronics have caused many tears and yelling and much frustration.  I was ready to throw all of them out.

I don’t get it.  Why doesn’t it work when I suggest they read a book instead of fighting over electronics?


Anyway, the other night as we were eating, an argument ensued over who would get to use the laptop following dinner and bath etc.

I was done playing referee.

I got out a piece of paper and a marker and made a schedule.  It is now laid out clearly for anyone who cares to take a look at our fridge.  We know who gets access to what on which days.

If kid A wants to use something and it’s not his scheduled day he has to get verbal permission from kid B.  No arguing.  Just ask nicely and wait for a response.  If it’s a no, then so be it.


We even drew lines for them to sign the schedule and while Ace happily signed it, Jay refused.

That’s ok though … It still went into effect and has been working like a charm.


*Insert sweet sigh of relief*


2 Responses to “E-Schedule”

  1. Deb Says:

    Ugh, I understand this fight all too well. There are fights about screens all the time in this house. We have to have a timer, etc. Maybe we should do a schedule, too. You’re not alone in this!

    • I tried giving them a certain amount of time each and then they’d have to share with the other one but it didn’t work that well. Too hard to keep track of and they’d drive me crazy doing the countdown. Whoever was waiting for his turn would be like “Mom, 5 more minutes. Mom, 4 more minutes. Mom 3 more minutes. Mom, it’s my turn, tell him to give it to me.” Ugh!!!

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