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Exciting Adulting May 13, 2016

When you’re a kid you look forward to becoming an adult.  You think it’s gonna be all about having your own money and making your own decisions and staying up late and basically doing whatever you want.  Sounds great!

The truth is – and we all know it – It’s so much harder than we imagined.  The responsibilities, the stress, the answering to bosses, the taking care of kids and the laundry and dishes and bills and aches and pains … the list is endless.


CC’s brother graduated from Army bootcamp this week.  CC, his wife, his Mom and his little cousin (who is 17 now so he’s not that little anymore and who used to live with them but has since moved to Trinidad so my kids haven’t seen him in a long time) all made the trip from New York to South Carolina for the event.  CC stopped on the way to pick up Ace and Jay – who would end up missing 2 days of school for this but I felt like it was worth it for the family time and the road trip experience.


That meant Shawnie and I had 2 days to ourselves.  We are adults.  We could do anything we wanted.  Sounds awesome!


On Wednesday we went to the mall to pick up a couple of things that we needed and then went to dinner.  We didn’t have any cocktails at dinner because we both had to drive home since we had agreed to meet at a middle point between home and my job.  When we got home at about 9pm, we took a shower and went to bed.  I did get a little reading done before I turned out the lights.


On Thursday we decided that we really needed to make better use of this time.  Ya know, live it up a little.  Thursday would be our last day without the kids for a long while.  We got home after work, ate dinner, took a shower and were in bed before 8:00pm.  Realizing that this was unacceptable we decided to go back out.  We drove 20 minutes to a Rita’s Italian Ice spot – clad in pajama pants and hoodies.  We shared a gelati and to make the trip a little more exciting we stopped at a Hispanic Mini Mart in case they had any Caribbean food things that I like but can’t find in a traditional supermarket here.  No luck.


We made it back home a little after 9 and it was lights out.


In the end, the best thing about having no kids at home for 2 days?  Going to bed early and getting more sleep.  This is the exciting lives of adults.


Stay young kids.


2 Responses to “Exciting Adulting”

  1. blaquedavy Says:

    True words…j and I went to dinner last night and as soon as we got home mackenzie was fast asleep..time to ourselves (I thought ) well we were both fast asleep within 10mins of the little one going down…#growingupisntallitscrackeduptobe

  2. The Man and I are lucky enough to have Saturday nights to ourselves. At first, we would actually go to a nice-ish restaurant. Now we generally get fried chicken and go to bed early. It’s still awesome. 😊

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