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Math Time May 19, 2016

I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks now that I really need to spend some time with Jay going over his math.  He has most the basic ideas down for his grade level but still struggles a little bit with word problems that have 2 parts.

He does fine if the problem says (for example) … Sally has 13 apples and Joe has 9 peaches.  How much fruit do they have between them?

He does NOT do fine if the problem says (for example) … Sally had 13 apples and she ate 4 of them.  Joe then gave her 6 peaches.  How much fruit does Sally have now?


He also gets tripped up by subtraction if the bottom number is bigger than the top number and he has to “borrow one” from the left.

Eg.   54

  –  37  


Ohhh, and let’s not forget money.  Basically he’s not really understanding currency which has been a hot topic at school lately.  Then there’s geometry … Ugh!  Did I ever tell you how much I hated geometry when I was in school?  I mean honestly, parallelograms and Isosceles triangles and obtuse angles.  Who uses this stuff?  Don’t answer that.  I’m sure lots of people do.  But … still … yuck!


I try to help while we’re doing homework and I’ve asked his teacher to give him some extra help in these areas.  I have seen some improvement but not enough and then he told me a couple of days ago “I’m learning fractions now.”

Wait!  What?  We’re not ready for fractions yet.  We’re still mastering subtraction remember?  And figuring out what to do with those damn hexagons.  And is that a line segment or a just a line?

Fortunately there’s one topic he doesn’t need help with and it’s telling time.  He gets all those questions right.


This weekend I will FOR SURE set aside time to do school work with the boys.  There’s no alternative.

I’m not cut out to be a teacher.  My patience doesn’t shine in these moments.

Luckily I’m stocked up on Malibu rum and pineapple juice and at least the  boy knows that a “fraction is just when you didn’t get to one yet.”




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