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Pon Di Riva June 1, 2016

We’ve walked along one small section of the riverbank before and as we drove past on the bridge, we’ve seen people tubing down the river but we had never been TO the river really.  That changed last week.  The kids weren’t sold on it ONE BIT – They begged to go to the pool instead – But since my vote carries more weight than theirs what they wanted didn’t matter.


We put on swim clothes and water shoes and packed snacks and towels and found a parking spot and made our way down to the “river beach” as we call it.


The same boys who had told me when we were home that they did not want to go and who told me they were NOT going into the water were wet before I could lay down the picnic blanket neatly.


We had a really pleasant afternoon at the river.  The kids swam and explored and we just hung out together as a family.

Other kids were climbing trees and jumping into the water.  People had set up beach umbrellas and had music playing. (Not obnoxiously).  Others had tied hammocks in between the trees and were just enjoying some relaxation.  There were people BBQ’ing and playing volley ball and tubing and fishing.  We weren’t prepared for any of that but all that means is that we’ll have to go back on another day.  I’ve already invited friends to come with us next time.   I’m so excited to have this little slice of easy, breezy, quintessential country living 5 minutes from home.


And it’s not just me.  The kids asked to go back the next day but unfortunately it rained so that was a no go.  They have one more week of school left and then it’s officially summer vacation.  I am positive that we’ll spend many a late  afternoon and weekend hanging out at the river.


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