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Weekend Rundown June 20, 2016

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The weekdays are tiring.  By the time Friday rolls around we are all exhausted.  Because we are tired on Fridays we tend to not cook that day so it’s either left overs or we go out to eat.  Last Friday after (me reluctantly and Shawnie enthusiastically) washing our cars we headed out to Costco.  Ace likes their hot dogs and Jay likes their pizza.

Since Costco is attached to the mall, we decided to go to Bath and Body Works – It was supposed to be a quick in and out trip but there are so many other stores in the mall and we got distracted.  Before we knew it, the mall was closing and we were finally heading home.


On Saturday, we took the kids to tour one of the sites that played a big role in the Civil War.  Shawnie and I read all the informational signs along the trail and took pictures by Martha Steven’s house, Ace only cared about the canons and Jay complained about the heat and said 53,287 times that he just wanted to go home.  He did spend some time blowing dandelions and inspecting tall blades of grass.

Later on Saturday CC, his wife and his nephew came to visit.  They took the kids fishing and then spent the rest of the evening with them which meant that Shawnie and I had a real life, adult, date night.  It was nice to get out.  We dressed nice and went to a comedy club and then to a proper dinner.


On Sunday the fishing group went back to the river while Shawnie and I watched some TV and caught up on household chores.


Jay had a little bit of a hard time both days.  I know he was tired.  He even took an afternoon nap on Sunday which he hasn’t done in years.


I could’ve used an extra day before going back to work and I’m sure Jay would have loved to stay home and take it easy but real life doesn’t work that way.  Oh and I don’t know what’s going on with it, but my neighbours dog freaking cried all night Saturday, all day Sunday and all Sunday night as well.  I don’t want to say anything violent but I’m not too fond of that dog right about now.  They need to get it under control so I can get some sleep.


So yeah – that was our weekend.  Overall it was pretty good – even though I never did get the slurpee that I wanted.  Hopefully all the good Dads felt loved and appreciated.  I was really happy that CC made the long drive to VA and that the boys got to spend Fathers Day with him.


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