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On Repeating and Learning Pig Info June 27, 2016

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I’ve accepted that the vast majority of parenting revolves around saying the same things over and over and over and over and over or saying things you never thought you’d ever say.






Those 3 get repeated ad nauseam in our house.

The runners up are “No, you cannot have more candy” and “If you’re bored, I can find some chores for you to do“.


Since I’m not in the business of embarrassing my kids, I can’t share most of the things that I’ve said that I never expected to say- no matter how funny they are.  I can share though, that we had a robust conversation recently about whether or not pigs hibernate.  I never saw that coming.  Jay was team “yes they do” and the rest of us were “no they do not.”  No matter what we said and how many of us tried to tell him that he was wrong Jay WOULD NOT BACK DOWN!!!  He’s that way; Which I have to say I sort of love even though it can be very difficult.

We eventually decided to settle it by checking Google.

And wouldn’t’cha know it – Jay was right.  Kinda.  It turns out that pigs who live in colder climates do sleep away most of the day in the winter and only barely wake up to eat and even then they don’t eat as much as during the summer, so it’s considered a semi-hibernation.


Maybe most people already knew about the behavioural habits of pigs, but I was really surprised at this piece of information and Jay was just too pleased with himself when we had to back down and I had to utter the words “OK Jay.  Yes, pigs do (sort of)  hibernate.”





One Response to “On Repeating and Learning Pig Info”

  1. rizzo311 Says:

    I Learned my lesson with debating with him before checking the facts on the Internet lol cause just about all the time he was right !

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