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Amiss July 11, 2016

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Something’s going on.  Maybe I’m being punked.  Maybe there’s a full moon.  Maybe it’s a long over due April Fools joke.  Then again, maybe it’s just life and parenting doing what it does … Being unpredictable.


The other day the kids both went to a roller skating rink on a field trip with their summer camp.

One of them slowly, carefully, made their way around the rink and used their brake the way they were shown to do.

One of them had a collision of some sort with an adult and ended up with a nose bleed.  (He’s fine.)

Here’s the thing.  It’s Ace that made it around several times safely and Jay that ended up with a nose bleed.   I so would not have predicted THAT!


We drove up to New Jersey – That’s 4 and a half hours each way.

One kid talked the entire way up AND BACK and kept complaining about being hungry no matter how much we fed him.  One kid just kind of chilled and took in the scenery.   Jay was the hungry chatter box and Ace was the chill one.  Say what now?

BOTH boys were super cooperative with sharing the one electronic device they had and when they weren’t using the electronic they talked and played together.


On the way to camp this morning, one kid was bundled up in the car with a blanket.  The other just sat there in a tank top type shirt and shorts.

Ace wrapped up.  Jay not.


I’m telling you, something is amiss.

As soon as I figure it out, I’ll be sure to let you in on it.


One Response to “Amiss”

  1. NickyB. Says:

    Wow!! Completelyyyyyy unpredictable!

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