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Can’t Let It Go July 12, 2016

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I’m not a staunch Democrat or anything.  I lean liberal with social issues and maybe a little right with fiscal issues.  I’m not here to say that if you are, for example, pro-life or if you want to control illegal immigration you are wrong.  I believe in democracy and people’s right to choose their leaders.  I understand that everyone will have a different belief system based on their own life experiences.


What I’m having a hard time with is the blatant racism that people are turning a blind eye to.


I see a lot of people I know liking or sharing news stories or reports about what’s going on now with the police and black lives matter (BLM) etc.  One black person I know liked a video post that someone made defending the NRA.  Regardless of what my own feelings about guns, and in particular assault rifles are, the video was articulate and made some good points and I respect his opinion.

Then I read the comments.

The comments are what do me in.

People’s hearts are so ugly and their minds are so poisoned.  They were endless.  Thousands of them.  All saying how bad black people are and how we deserve to be killed and we’re stupid.

One person said “If cops wanted black people dead, they would just stop patrolling their neighbourhoods and then wait.”  Lots of people liked it and lol’d and gave cyber high fives.


There was one story where a TV correspondent wrote a piece saying that the BLM protesters should be considered domestic terrorists because it’s illegal to block roads and you can’t just break any law you feel like because then that leads to anarchy.


My first thought was … Where was that when Kim Davis wasn’t issuing marriage licenses to gay people?  They were all loving and supporting her “law breaking”.

But hey, maybe they have a point.  Maybe there’s a better way to bring about change than to block highways and break laws.


Again though, it was the comments.  They are just so vile.  How can we expect that with those things in people’s hearts they aren’t going to treat certain groups differently when they come in contact with them?  Do you really think SOME cops aren’t cut from that same cloth?

Of course some of them are.  The difference is that when Random Joe posts racist and/or  violent things on a blog post, it doesn’t affect the average person.  Random Joe isn’t in a position to enact his own brand of street justice on a coworker or a neighbour.  Cops are in such a position.  They have that kind of power.  It’s absolutely justified to hold them to a higher standard than Random Joe.


Shawnie has asked me to stop reading and watching.

But I can’t.

I want to talk about it.  But not just with people who feel the same way as I do.  I want to ask the Republican black people who are supporting Fox news or who are against BLM how they feel when they see all the racists things that people say.  How are they able to just tune it out and go back to supporting someone (or a group) where a large portion of their supporters don’t value their life.

I want to ask the white people – who say they are not racist – how they feel when they see the racist things that people say.  How are they able to just tune it out?  How are they able to not call out the ugliness and the inaccuracies?  Why don’t they feel like it’s their place to defend the black family and friends that they have and know and love?


Why are the negative ones left alone to be the main voices that we hear?  That our children are exposed to.  And trust me they are exposed to it.  Even without us watching the news in our house or talking about any of this when the kids are around, the information is getting to them.  Talk to your children – You may be surprised at what they are hearing.


There are disturbing tweets and facebook messages by black people too … Most directed at police officers – Usually calling them pigs or “donut eating pigs“.  I haven’t seen any of that from people I know but I’ve seen them in the news.  That’s wrong too.  I’m not condemning one set and absolving the other.  If someone I knew said something about hunting and shooting the police, I’d say something to them.  I’d try to be the voice of reason.


I do believe that most people want there to be calm and peace.  I do believe that most people would like to live in a world where cops can do their jobs justly and fairly and go home safely to their families.


But we sit by quietly and let the racist ones be the loudest ones in the room.  That just fuels their fire.  It’s not ok.  I’M NOT SUGGESTING THAT WE ALL START YELLING OVER EACH OTHER.  That will accomplish nothing.  But surely we can have open, uncomfortable, but meaningful dialogue.


2 Responses to “Can’t Let It Go”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I have had to stop reading comments. It’s just too much. And if I speak up, well, then I’m a liberal whack-a-doodle who wants ISIS to win. (Seriously, had that thrown at me…) BUT, I will continue to speak up…because what these people are saying is wrong.

    • I know Lisa. I’ve seen it happen. As soon as one person has a different opinion from another, they just get attacked. Everyone just wants to be right even if that means beating someone else down. I wish we could all just talk in a respectful way and try to understand where each other are coming from – even if in the end we still disagree on a certain topic.

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