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Weekend Rush July 18, 2016

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It’s like, you spend all week looking forward to it; You have all these grand ideas about getting chores done, maybe seeing a friend or two, cooking delicious and well balanced meals for your family, and also, most importantly, finding time to rest.  During the week, it seems possible to do all this on the weekend.


And then woo hoo, it’s Friday evening and even though it took you almost 2 hours to get home – as it’s been doing every Friday all summer – you get home in a good mood and decide to take the kids out for an evening of fun.  The kids get to go on go-karts and giant slides and rides that spin them around and around.  They get to climb and jump on a play structure/bouncy house and crash into teenage girls celebrating a birthday in bumper cars.  You beat your wife in air hockey.  You can say you beat her because even though she got more pucks in your goal, the scoring mechanism on the table wasn’t working so only your points were being added.  Not your fault.


The next thing you know it’s 9pm (oops, past bed time) and everyone goes home, takes a quick shower and promptly falls asleep because the next day you have to get up early to take the older child to a pool party.  A pool party organized by the Autism Society of Virginia specially for siblings of kids with special needs.  It’ll rain a little bit but that won’t ruin the party and while one son is at the party, the other son tags along to Target where you cross “get school supplies” off your to-do list.  Oh, he also gets ice-cream just cause he likes it.  Following the party and the Target and the ice-cream, the boys settle down to watch a movie at home while the adults dust off their tennis rackets and probably did more running around picking up balls from the next court than volleying but it was still good to get out and sweat and spend some kid-free time together.


On Sunday you do get to sleep in a little but but not really because someone’s coming to fix your front door at 9am.  When that someone leaves, you begin working on unpacking cause yeah, you’re STILL unpacking from when you moved in 4 months ago.  You get the children involved in some of the throwing away and in folding laundry and when they complain about it, you remind them of just how good they have it.  You will (all of you this time) head back to the park to play some more tennis but won’t stay long because it’s so gosh darn hot so you return home and set up a slip n’ slide.  The water will be COLD but the kids won’t mind one bit.  It’ll be fun for everyone.  The kids will shower and eat dinner and you will go out and return with fruit smoothies.  So yum!

By the way, all this will happen with Shawnie not feeling well and battling a sore throat.  Poor thing.



How is it bed time already?  And tomorrow’s MONDAY???

There’s still more laundry to fold and chicken to season (marinate) and dishes to wash and garbage to take to the curb and papers to burn (easier than shredding since we have a fire pit) and you’re not done with unpacking and your car was supposed to get cleaned out since it’s a mess and you meant to sort out your stuff for camping since you’ll be doing that in a couple weeks.  Some of that will have to wait.

I didn’t pick up my dry-cleaning or read any of my book like I had planned.  I even have a free $15 to spend at Charming Charlie – I love that store – that I meant to go spend but I never found the time to make it to the store.  Hopefully my money doesn’t expire before the next weekend.


The alarm will go off at 5:20 on Monday morning and you will be exhausted and wonder how the weekend came to an end so quickly and you will want another day to recuperate from your weekend but you get your ass up, draw on a nice winged eye-liner, slip on your 4 inch heels and go to work; Already counting down to the next weekend so you can finish putting away the laundry (does one ever finish putting away laundry?), sort through your camping stuff, begin packing for 2 weddings you are travelling to soon, clean out the car and hopefully finish your unpacking and finally get some real rest … But hey … You did buy the school supplies, including a very cute pink and yellow flower pen for yourself cause you love cutesy things and you got a little tan.



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