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In The Swing Of Things September 13, 2016

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Jay is eating – Or at least trying – More and more new foods.  This is exciting stuff!!!  I NEVER would have imagined it possible.  I have written and worried so much about his eating habits.  He’s had chicken and yogurt and today he went to school with a jelly sandwich.  His first loves are still pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches but he’s including other things here and there also.  It’s WONDERFUL!  We did try getting him to eat a grape yesterday but he wouldn’t go for it.  He was willing to try some peanuts.  He didn’t like them.  It’s like a game.  What will Jay taste next?


Ace was nervous about going back to school.  He still felt like the new kid and hadn’t really made too many friends last school year.  He had been there for less than 2 months before the school year ended.  So far he seems to be ok this year.  He’s made friends and was invited by one to hang out outside of school.  I think it also helps that he now goes to an after school program that is AT his school so all the kids there go to his school.  That makes it easier to develop strong relationships.  When I went to pick him up yesterday he asked to stay a little longer.  They were in the middle of a game called Zombie Apocalypse.


As a family, we’re getting into the swing of things.  Each person has their role and it works for us.  In the evening, one helps Jay with homework (not always easy) AND makes dinner (sometimes multiple different things for differing taste buds) AND packs the kids lunch boxes.  She also readies the kids clothes for the next day including ironing them if necessary.  On Friday evenings she takes the boys to the pool.

I check that Ace’s homework is done correctly (so far it has always been correct – so job done) and wash dishes.  Well, the adults dishes anyway.  The kids deal with their own dirty plates and cups.  Let’s not forget the pots.  I wash those too and nobody likes washing pots.

That doesn’t quite seem even but in my defense I get home later AND on weekends I put away our clean laundry.  “Our” meaning the adults.  The kids put away their own.  I know that in order for us to have clean clothes to put away, someone else had to wash them all but still … I … Oh heck, I have it good and I appreciate it.



On the weekends we try to have some family fun time and some down time.  We did a Kids Fun Day and the Bubble Run last Saturday and then on Sunday we stayed home and were lazy.  We did all watch The Little Rascals together.  For 3 of us, it was our first time seeing it and it was great.  Next up will probably be Home Alone or Herbie The Love Bug or Willy Wanka.  It’s pretty awesome that the kids can now watch and enjoy Non-Disney-Pixar movies.


Basically we’re just kinda here doing life.  It’s a nice respite from a time when I was in chaos and stress and frazzle mode for days and months at a time.


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