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Perry October 5, 2016

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To hear Ace tell it, he went to a Rock Concert. Yeah baby!!!

The truth is that we went to see The Band Perry at the base where Shaunie works.  They are more country/pop than rock but hey, it sounds very exciting when classified that way.


I understand the thrill he felt.  Many years ago when I was too young to be going to concerts without adult supervision, my father and his friend decided that they, and I, were going to a reggae show.  It would be a late night.  I was so excited.  It made me feel like a grown up and I thought I was going to get to see a whole different side of the world.  It certainly seemed more enjoyable than 8pm bed times and warm milk in front of a TV that sat on the floor, only had 1 channel and didn’t air any shows until 4pm on week days.  These were the days of listening to soap operas on the radio and when going to video stores to rent a movie about once a month was a treat.

As we drove up to the venue the traffic started to get backed up.  A lot of people were going to this thing.  That made my excitement grow even more.  I was in the back seat trying to play it cool, but really, I was all bubbly and giddy on the inside.  It was already past my bed time and I was so proud of myself for not feeling the slightest bit tired.

After sitting in traffic trying to get inside the gate for almost an hour, they decided it wasn’t worth it and they turned back.

I was so completely disappointed.  I would have sat in that traffic all night if necessary.  I tried to plead my case for why we should stick it out.  We had already driven all the way out there.  We had already waited that long.  Surely we were almost where we needed to be.  Once we got inside, we’d forget the annoyance of waiting and we’d just have fun.

No dice.  They u-turned and we headed back to the house.

I cried myself to sleep.

It’s strange the things that stick with you.  I’ve never forgotten that feeling.


That’s what I was thinking about as we drove to the site of The Band Perry concert.  How excited Ace was feeling and how happy I was to be able to give him that.  He was a chatting mess.  The words were spilling out on top of each other at lightning speed and I had to remind him to not walk so fast and get ahead of us.

I bought him a light up wand and Jay got a foam guitar.  We found the friends we were meeting and made our way to our seats.  Almost immediately Jay was ready to go home.  It was too loud and it was inching dangerously close to his usual bed time.  Ace was in his element.  He was singing and dancing and waving his light stick.  Jay spread out across a couple of chairs and tried his best to hold it together.  I felt so bad for him.  I know that is not his idea of fun.  I sat in one of the chairs and held him in my lap as he lay across the chair beside us.  I kissed his forehead and tried to cover his ears with my hands.  He calmed down and fell asleep.  My arm fell asleep too but I dared not move;  Except to look up and see Ace standing on his chair, one arm around Shaunies neck, the other arm in the air.  He was sporting a huge grin.


Days later Ace is still talking about the concert.  Apparently his favourite part was their “dramatic entrance“.  He also thinks the lead singer is pretty and was interested to know if she had a husband.  She is pretty and she does have a husband.  Sorry bud.


I love when I get to give my boys these kinds of life experiences.  Everyone remembers the first live concert they ever went to.  Mine was Janet Jackson, back when Janet was Janet. A young, new artist named Usher, was her opening act.


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