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The Most Stubborn October 19, 2016

I am no stranger to stubborn people.  It runs deep in my blood.  It runs in my fathers blood and ran in my grandfathers blood.


With that in mind …


Whose son decided that he was no longer going to eat any real food because we made a rule in our home that each child would wash their own plate and cup after they ate and he doesn’t like to wash plates or cups?  Whose son gets really angry when he’s hungry and STILL did not eat anything because he didn’t want to wash a plate or a cup?   Whose son spent DAYS eating nothing but cheese balls straight out of its tub and cereal bars out of their wrappers and getting progressively more and more difficult to deal with?

Mine did.  🙂


(It took us a few days to figure out what was going on and what the root of his “lack of appetite and misery” was.)


Even with all the stubbornness that I have known in my life – and I have known a lot – I have never known someone who would stop eating in protest of dish washing.  Not in protest of washing the family’s dishes and some pots.  Oh no.  In protest of washing ONE plate and ONE cup.


On one hand, I think it’s great that he’s so strong-willed.  I don’t want children who will let other people walk all over them.  But can we all agree that this is a bit much and he’s taking it too far?  I mean, come on.  He seriously may be the most stubborn person I’ve ever known, and that’s saying a lot.


We had to put our foot down and get a little stern with him.  He is now back to eating proper meals and washing his plate.

He’s back to being happy and chatty.



I swear, these kids challenge everything I ever thought I knew about parenting.  I could have never predicted things like this.  Anyone who goes into it, thinking they have an idea about what parenting will be like, is sorely mistaken.  They don’t tell you about things like this is parenting books.




3 Responses to “The Most Stubborn”

  1. Lisa Peters Says:

    Some folks say that stubbornness is synonymous with intelligence. Albert Einstein once hit his sister with a bowling ball in his willful youth. Ouch! Anyway, I have been behind in my blog reading, but have to tell you that I have truly enjoyed getting caught up on your adventures with your boys. It is a beautiful thing to see how they have matured into such fine young men. I know I tell you this all the time, but I am reminded so much of my own boys in our early days. I particularly enjoyed the farm photos of you, Ace and Jay, such a handsome family. You are a fierce advocate in protecting their precious self esteem and it is clear that your efforts are paying off in a very big way. I hope you are patting yourself on the back for a job well done. I had to laugh at the “smelly pickles” thing…..One day we visited the Yankee Candle Shop and I thought Weston was going to pass out from the intensity of smells,,,! He ran out of the store like his hair was on fire..too funny. I also want to thank you dear Deenie for your friendship, support and solidarity all of these years…..xo

    • This comment has made my entire day and it’s not 8 am yet. 🙂
      I thank YOU for always making it known that I am not alone. We have to find a way to get our families together in person one day.

  2. I like to call it strong willed and those strong willed people make awesome adults!! Keep doing what you’re doing 😊

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