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Jay was kind of a jerk and I love it October 28, 2016

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I do not believe in over-dosing kids and I do believe in letting ailments run their course as much as is possible.  I don’t use hand sanitizer and my kids ate things off the floor without me freaking out.  They got dirty and they walked around barefooted outside.

Build up your immune system and all that jazz.


Ace has been battling a cough for a while now though and it’s not showing any signs of letting up so we’ve been giving him one dose of cough medicine daily.  Typically at night before bed.  The one we had was grape flavoured and he HATED it.  HATED it I tell ya.

Much to Ace’s delight, the bottle had been around for a long time and after a couple of days it ran out.

Jay, who has not been coughing and has not needed to take medicine, took great pleasure in Ace’s disgust at the grape medicine.


Now, before I go on, I need you to understand that I live in a world where we tease the ones we love.  It doesn’t matter if you are 8 or 80.  It doesn’t matter if you are disabled or sensitive or shy.  We are equal opportunity teasers.  Jay has not found this to be awesome.  He does not like to be teased and does not do much (if any) teasing.  It may be due to his autism, or it may just be his personality.  It doesn’t matter.  No-one feels sorry for him and he is not spared.  No special treatment around here.  When he gets mad about being teased, he gets teased about being mad.  Ace is all about having fun and laughing.  If you tease him, he will come back even harder.  He will go for the jugular so make sure you are ready.  Everything is fair game.

But it’s all love.


*Back to the cough medicine*

We made a stop at the pharmacy to get some more.  All the while driving there, Ace begged and pleaded for a different flavor.  “PLEASE get berry this time.  NOT GRAPE.  BERRY!!!”

Jay piped in – under his breath – “I hope you get more grape.”  Then he giggled.


We pulled up to the store and Shaunie ran inside while the kids and I waited in the car.  Ace kept yelling at her:

“PLEASE get berry this time.  NOT GRAPE.  BERRY!!!” 

“PLEASE get berry this time.  NOT GRAPE.  BERRY!!!”

“PLEASE get berry this time.  NOT GRAPE.  BERRY!!!”


When she returned with Bubble Gum flavor, Jay began laughing and started chanting, “I hope it’s bad, I hope it’s bad, I hope it’s bad.” 

Ace countered with, “I hope it’s good, I hope it’s good, I hope it’s good” 

And so they went on for a while, back and forth, laughing together.

And there I was, laughing at Jay teasing Ace.


He better hope he doesn’t come down with anything any time soon, because Ace will be only too happy to return the favour when it’s Jays turn to take some bad tasting medicine.  Now that he’s learning to give it – Jay better learn how to take it too.


One Response to “Jay was kind of a jerk and I love it”

  1. sharrlar Says:

    O but I love the grape flavor!!!

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