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The Rabbit Hole November 28, 2016

I’ve turned my car radio dial away from talk/news radio and I’ve redirected it to Christmas music.  I’ve stopped posting my opinions on social media.  Pictures yes, opinions no.  Once I see that someone else is posting something political or religious I scroll faster.

I’m really trying to stay out of it.  I am tired of being angry or annoyed or of trying to educate/inform/explain.  Also, I have to be respectful of my spouses employment situation and the constraints that are put on us as a result.

Then I come in to work and bring my computer back to life after being away for 4 days.  I don’t make my usual internet pit-stops …,,  Nope, I go straight to my Howard.  (Stern for those who don’t know).  Guess what he is talking about?  What life was like prior to 1973.  That was the year Roe v Wade was decided.  He talked about the dangerous things that women resorted to if they wanted/needed an abortion at a time when it was illegal to have one.  It wasn’t good.   I’m only telling you what Howard and Robin said. I am not the one saying it wasn’t good.  I wasn’t born yet so I can’t REALLY know.  I’m lucky that way.  In the same sense that I can’t REALLY know what life was like prior to the civil rights act or the voting rights act being passed, no matter how much information I get from a museum or from the stories that are told by the generation prior to mine.  *I figured I’d put that disclaimer.*


I felt the temperature in my stomach rising.  I began to think about all the things that make me feel that internal hotness.  I thought about the people who say that don’t understand why there are people who are concerned about their safety in the aftermath of a Trump win.  I thought about what I would (calmly and respectfully) say to them; From what I or my friends have personally seen or experienced.


Then I turned off my Howard and my Robin.  I had to – before my fingers typed things that they shouldn’t.  You know, respect for careers and all that jazz.

Instead, I decided to listen to tracks from the new Hamilton mixtape.  So far, it’s ok.  I prefer the original soundtrack.


By the way, how was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was good.  More to come on that.


I went back to Howard – I was sure he’d have moved on to a different topic and I was right.  I caught him in the middle of a Lenny Dykstra (former baseball player) interview.


And so, for one more day, I think I have avoided going down the political rabbit hole.


I already know that tomorrow I will be fully distracted by Leah Remini.  The first episode of her docuseries on Scientology will be airing.  She will be “shining light on the dark side“.  (Again, *disclaimer*, those are not my words.)  I cannot wait!!!





One Response to “The Rabbit Hole”

  1. V.J. Says:

    It is such an insane time, and I think you speak for many when you say we want to escape the craziness of politics right now.

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