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What Have We Been Up To? December 27, 2016

I have no idea where to start.  It’s always like that when I don’t write for a long time and then try to pick it back up.

*Taking a deep breath and diving In*


We dropped the littles off with their Dad and went on a cruise to Mexico.  It was a first for both of us.  (Cruising and Mexico).  First of all, it’s true what people say about the bathrooms and the food on cruises.  The bathrooms are small and as for the food, it is ABUNDANT and CONSTANT.  We had a great time while on ship and at our ports of stoppage.  I could rattle on and on and on and on ….. But I will spare you.  Here are the cliff notes.

Shows. Relax Time. Rock Wall. Flow Rider (YouTube it).  Excellent service. Mayan Ruins. Swimming. Kayaking. Pina Coladas. Beach Side Massages. Dune Buggies. Tanning (and peeling).  Tequila Tour (including tasting). “Live Fish Eating Your Dead Skin” Pedicures (Yeah, really!). Formal Dinners (which we like cause we like a reason to dress up). Casual Dinners (which we like cause we like to be comfy).


Post Cruise, we hung out with the other halfs family.  There was more eating and drinking and some shopping.  There was talking and laughing and singing along to old school reggae.  It just felt really good to be a part of that.


Post hanging out with the other halfs family, we hung out with my FWAF.  (Friends Who Are Family).  Yup, even more eating and drinking.  But also, Christmas Crackers.  (Those things you pull at the ends and they contain silly/fun Christmas hats and treats inside.)  Jamaican Games (Ludi and Dominoes and Kalooki).  Calls and messages to and from family all over the world.  Jokes. Teasing. Seeing childhood friends who were visiting all the way from Qatar and Switzerland.


Above all else … the past couple of weeks have been full of fun and LOVE!


I miss my boys an awful lot.  T-Minus 5 days till they come home.  I have spoken to them and did a video chat on Christmas day and they seem happy so that helps.  If I hadn’t had all the other stuff to keep me feeling good, it would have been a miserable Christmas.  THANK GOD for good friends and family.


And with that, I am signing off.  I feel like this is not a great post, but oh well.  I do have a pretty neat video that I’m gonna try to upload here and I may drop a few photos at some point.

Until then, I gotta go.  I came back to work and there were over 120 emails waiting for me.  Plus, with it being the end of the year this is my busy time.

Did I mention that I seriously need to go on a diet?  Don’t believe me?  I had a hard time zipping up my boots yesterday and there were witnesses.  LOL !!!  I’m wearing elastic waist pants today.  That’s not ok.


Lemme just take 1 second here to say how pleased I am with myself that – for the first time in ever – I mailed out Christmas cards/pictures to people.  AND, they got to the recipients before Christmas.  Go me!


Oh wait … I have 1 last thing … I’ll really close out by saying that while I’m pretty sure the experts would say it’s not a good idea to get your significant other any type of appliance as a gift, I was stoked to get a brand new sewing machine.  Is that considered an appliance?  I’m not sure.  Either way, I love it and I’ve already turned one of my pants jumpers into a shorts jumper and hemmed up some pants for my love.


I truly hope everyone had a great time doing whatever they did for the holidays.  I love you all so much for reading the things that go through my head.


3 Responses to “What Have We Been Up To?”

  1. Monica Turner Says:

    Glad you had a great time and the boys were ok as well. Surprise…surprise….didn’t know you could sew with a machine😍. Love you. Enjoy reading your blogs.

    • Hi Aunty – Yeah, I can do a little something on a sewing machine. Hadn’t used one in years though so I’m a little rusty 🙂 … Glad you enjoy reading. I love comments!

  2. Sounds wonderful for everyone 💙

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