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A January Birthday Dilemma January 4, 2017

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At first, it would seem that a January birthday is not ideal for a kid.  It’s too close behind Christmas so everyone is “celebration fatigued” and also, a little broke.


But then, an upside appears.  You get to see all the things that other people got for Christmas and after deciding which ones you like, you add them to your birthday wishlist.


Except!  My son has parents who are forward thinkers and planners.  He has parents who bought his birthday gifts while they were buying his Christmas gifts.


So now what?  The 2 things he has his heart set on for his birthday – 16 days after Christmas – were not on his radar two to six months ago when we were shopping.


I guess we sit back and hope that at some point between now and next Tuesday, an Auntie or Grandma will ask us for suggestions on what to get him.  🙂


If that does not happen, then he better be satisfied with the stuff that’s been patiently waiting for him in a box in the guest room since the fall.  That and the pizza party we will have at his school.


Failing that … The next Christmas is only 354 days away kid.


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