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Fun With Words February 3, 2017


Jays home work was to study and learn the difference between a bunch of homonyms/homophones.  Words such as: pear and pair, two and too, break and brake.


He actually did a grate job with them.  I mean great job 🙂 .  I am so glad because one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people use the wrong your or their.  I seriously cannot get passed the error to sea what ewe are actually trying to convey.  Any meme with incorrect grammar or misspelled words sends chills up my spine and I wood never share it no matter how much I may relate to what its saying.  I seriously have to stop myself from correcting peoples misuse of affect and effect.  I mean, hello, it completely changes the meaning of the sentence if you say you are hosting a meat and greet vs a meet and greet.  If you say meat and greet, trust me, I’m coming there with fork or stake in hand ready for a steak.


Anyway, back to Jay and his words that he was studying.

When we got to no and know, he explained it by saying:

Like, I ask if I can have a piece of candy and you say no.  I already know the answer.”  


When Shaunie asked him to explain the difference between than and then he said he didn’t know how to explain than.  I decided to help him out so I said:

Jay would rather have pizza than chick fil a.”

He started laughing and said:

No that’s not right.  You mean I would rather have pizza THEN chick fila a.”


I think he’s gonna do just fine on his test.


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